Saturday, September 15, 2012

Reboot day 6 and summary

Changing your schedule from laziness most of the day to include daily exercise and chores is mentally and physically exhausting. Mentally because you have to hype yourself up to do the chores you don't want to do. Physically because it's like getting in, it IS getting in shape.
Going from no exercise (physically and mentally) to some exercise, even if it just a little is tiring on your body, especially the first week. It doesn't help if you change your sleep time, too.
But, also like getting in shape, your body will adjust and you will get more energy. So they say at least. I'll let you know. ;)
I'm so tired I'll probably go to bed shortly after Joshua does tonight.


Lisa~ said...

Yes, the first week you feel worse, the next one you'll feel great!

Clare said...

I've had to change my schedule because Cami now has school right away in the morning. Since I have to be up to wake her up, I've been making myself get to bed earlier and it's amazing how much more day I have since I'm up just after 6:00. I've been working out at home in the morning before the kids are up, and I've been doing more around the house during the day. I feel so much better! Good luck! :)