Thursday, June 14, 2012

Joshua's talking

Joshua now knows 5 animal sounds: dog - "woofwoof"; cow: "oooOOOooo" (higher pitched in the middle); and cat: "myyyyy"; and birds and mice sound the same: "eee eee" as high as he can go. He also says "hi" to everybody; says "hello" at varying pitches (which also means phone); says "hi hi" for bye bye; just learned how to say "bye", but uses it interchangeably with hi; says "okay"; makes siren noises to his firetruck and uses the same noises when he is singing; calls everything with a motor a lawn mower (air conditioner, planes, helicopters, motorcycles, loud cars/trucks); says "wow!" every time he sees anything that reminds him of his cousin Dominic; says "uck" which means book, truck, and clock; says "poopoo" which means poopoo, diaper, peek-a-boo, or just a fun word to say; says "boo!"; yells at the dogs to be "guy!" (Quiet!); says "ama" for grandma and "apa" for grandpa/opa; calls me "Om" and Dave "Ad" but also started to say "mommy" and "daddy" sometimes (but "daddy" can also mean doggy); points to everything and says "this?" But it also kinda sounds like "that?" so it ends up being "thas?"; says "ga gas" (thank you) when given anything and also when he gives anyone anything; says "di diss" which can mean _______ please (up, help, down, give me that, open this, etc) but it also means love you when he is closing a door (byebye, love you, blows a kiss, shuts the door); asks to be picked "up" ALLLLLLLLLLLL the time; points to his ears and says "dears", to his eyes and says "deys", to his nose, cheeks, arms, teeth, and belly and says "this?"; sticks his finger in his open mouth and makes the "ugggghhhh" sound; will say "ah" when requested (open up and say "ah"); says "mmMMmm!" when he is eating; asks for "mo?" (slowly replacing the high pitched AAAHHH! Thank goodness); calls all liquids "djiss" (juice), even the water used to water plants or the water in the swimming pool; he says "uh oh" when he drops something, anything turns off (music, fans, car), or something unexpected happens; fills in the blank of "...a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush, and a quiet old lady whispering _______" ("hush"); points to and says "stars"; and of course his original words "ga ga" (all gone/done) or "ga!" (gone/done) said as loudly and shrilly as possible, which is great during church because it also means amen (ie: a prayer goes longer than he thinks it should and he starts yelling "gone!"); he will also shake his head and say "uh uh".
So if the doctor asks me how many words he is saying at his 18 month appointment in a few weeks, should I say about 50? Holy cow he is a chatter box.