Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

For Father’s day we didn’t do a ton. We went to Dave’s grandparents' house for lunch/dinner. That was fun.
We sent out cards to our family and a few friends though. Here’s what they looked like (some people got a different card):

Yup! That’s right, I’m going to push a human out of me this Christmas! Woohoo! I’m due Christmas Day! (Hoping it’s early or late)
Here’s the obligatory picture of the positive test:

And of course, here’s the obligatory ultrasound picture (6 weeks):

I had an ultrasound in the early weeks to see how far along I was because they couldn’t tell from my cycle lengths (irregular and too long).

In the fashion of wonderful Carrie’s blog, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE reading:
How far along: 14 weeks (on Sunday, June, 27th)
Total weight gain/loss: - 7 lbs (my Dr. isn’t happy with me, but I had that darn flu! She told me to gain weight from now on – haven’t gained any since the appointment, slap my wrist.)
Maternity clothes: not yet, don’t even own any yet.
Stretch marks: not yet (crossing my fingers for none…yeah right)
Sleep: I have strange dreams, but that’s pretty usual for me. I try to sleep on my sides, but I always wake up on my back – any tips for me?
Best moment this week: I’m starting to get a baby-bump. I ate a big Mexican food meal on Saturday and my tummy was SUPER big (yes, I know it’s going to get bigger)
Movement: nothing yet
Food cravings: FRUIT, FRUIT, and FRUIT!, Cheesy Nachos from Taco Bell
Aversions: red meat (beef, esp. ground/processed), greasy foods
Gender: ? (6 more weeks) My mom said she could go days without showering when she had girls, and got super greasy with boys. Chelsea was the same way with Penny. So far I haven’t really been either, so I guess we’ll see.
What I miss: energy
Milestones: 2nd trimester!
Extra: I’m starting to get hungry again this week! I’m constantly hungry! I think I may be getting some of my energy back this week. YAY!
Past info: I was pretty nauseous week 5 (when we were at Bear Lake), but since then I’ve mostly just been super tired. I could sleep all day and all night and still need more sleep. I haven’t thrown up at all. (Hoping all my pregnancies are like this!)
Turns out I tested positive on week 3! I thought I might be pregnant because I bawled when Dave played a prank on me and my cheeks were flushed most of the time. Oh, and there was the week late on my period thing, but that wasn’t really abnormal.
I went to see the F.N.P. when I tested positive, she ordered the ultrasound, which I did the next week (2 weeks later?), then I had an appointment with the Dr. on June 18th to hear the heartbeat. I also got to see/hear the heartbeat at week 6 at my ultrasound. That was fun.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Remember that list of projects I blogged about yesterday? When I got home from work yesterday (earlier than I usually do, because I actually was semi-on-time for work yesterday!), I decided to do something with my extra time and daylight. So I started weeding the garden!...What? You say that wasn't even on my list of projects?...oh, right. WHOOPS! :)

Here's a representation of what the garden looked like before I started. Yes, this is another part of the garden that I haven't gotten to yet. I feel like we live in a jungle house. It's a big project.

I bought all sorts of flowers: petunias, snap dragons, marigolds, columbines, forget-me-nots, and coreopsis/tickseed. They're a good mix of annuals and perennials. I'm hoping the annuals re-seed. I know the marigolds will, but the others are questionable.

I was out from 6:30pm - 10pm weeding, planting, and then watering the plants (including a trip to home depot). I wasn't able to get them all in. Here's a picture of the ones I didn't get to yet.

And finally, here's a couple pictures of the finished product. I'll take a picture later in the season, too, to show how they've grown and spread.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm a list person. Thank you, Mommy. ;) I feel like my lists are like the memory Pensieve in Harry Potter. I can pull the thoughts out of my head, put them on a list, and make room for other things, while still being able to go back and look at it to remember what my thoughts were.

I was just commenting on a friend's photo about how projects seem to get started and then you move on to another project without finishing that one first. I'm working on not doing that so much. But I do have a list in my head of things I want to do, in no particular order:

Project Pensieve

  • Reupholster the other couch
  • Paint the bathroom
  • Make a new, bigger quilt for our bed so I have some blanket left when Dave rolls over
  • Hang wedding quilt on big blank wall in our room
  • Make/buy and hang artwork on our barren walls
  • Finish crocheting bobble blanket
  • Start new crocheting project involving at least 1 new technique

I'll probably come back and add to the pensieve as I think of more projects.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Read ME!

I know no one ever reads recipe blog posts. That's why this one isn't a recipe blog post. If you really know me, you know I usually have crazy, wacky dreams, and always have had crazy, wacky dreams. I've decided to keep a blog of all of them, to help me remember them. I think I may call it "Dream Weaver" because that was stuck in my head all morning this morning.

I have a confession to make. I lied above. I had an Alphabet potluck today at work where we had to bring things that have the same initials as our names. I decided to bring Stir-Fry. I've never made it before, so of course I made up a recipe. Word is that it was pretty yummy. I couldn't have any because my digestive system is still on the uphill from having the flu last weekend. I figured feeding it a ton of vegetables wouldn't be the best idea ever.

Here's the recipe if you'd like to try it yourself. (Warning! This makes a TON of food. I could barely stir it when frying everything in my big Wok pan. It might be ideal to half the recipe. Everything cost me about $20 total.)

Recipe for Stir-Fry

1 Can Mini-Corn pieces
1 Can Bamboo Shoots--Purchased at Chao’s
½ Can Whole Water Chestnuts(77 N. University Ave.)
½ Bag Bean Sprouts
1 Red Pepper
2 Chicken Breasts
3 Cloves Garlic
3 Broccoli Crowns
3 Green onions
4 Carrots
2 tsp. Ground Ginger
Vegetable Oil

Sauce Ingredients:
½ C. Soy Sauce
¼ C. White Wine Vinegar
2 Tbsp. Corn Starch

Rice Ingredients:
2 C. Water
2 C. Chicken Broth
2 C. Long-grain Rice


Prep time: 40 min.
Cook time: 20 min.


Rinse rice until water is no longer murky. Combine rice, water, and broth in a medium pot and bring to a boil. Cover and cook on low for 40 minutes.

Stir Fry:

Make sure to do all preparation before starting to cook. Cut up all vegetables as preferred: Julienne or diced. Rinse canned foods in water and drain. Mince garlic cloves and cut chicken into ½ inch cubes. Mix sauce ingredients and set aside.

Pour vegetable oil in Wok or large frying pan until bottom is coated with a little more than 1/8 inch oil. Add minced garlic, ground ginger, and chicken. Cook on medium-high until chicken is only slightly pink. Add vegetables in 2 minute increments while stirring in this order: 1. Carrots; 2. peppers, broccoli, and onions; 3. Corn, bamboo, and chestnuts; 4. Bean sprouts. Let all ingredients cook while stirring for another 3 or 4 minutes. Turn heat down and cover for 5 minutes. Drizzle sauce over pan and stir a few times. Serve over rice.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's me again. I bet you thought I had forgotten all about blogging. Nope, I haven't. I just don't have much to blog about.

I stayed home on Friday because of a sore throat. I pretty much stayed in bed all day and hoped it would go away so I could still enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend.


Today I'm at home, sick, again. I should really say, "sick, still." The bathroom (bafrum) and I have become great friends lately for two reasons: 1) the reason I'm at home today instead of at work; 2) my new decorations came today while I'm at home today instead of at work!

Dave has been complaining about my color choice for our bathroom decorations, pretty much since I got them two years ago. He says, "Bathroom decorations should never include the colors 'poop'-brown or 'pee'-yellow." Ours are all "poop"-brown. Honestly, I was trying to branch out to new colors when I chose them. I'd decorate everything blue, if I could.

Here's what our closet-of-a-bathroom looked like at 1:17pm today:

Here's what it looked like at 1:35pm today:

I put more close-up pictures on Facebook, if you're interested.

I'll probably end up painting the room at some point, too. Dave put in an outlet about a year ago, and we still haven't finished mudding, etc. So the paint will come when that's done.