Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Remember that list of projects I blogged about yesterday? When I got home from work yesterday (earlier than I usually do, because I actually was semi-on-time for work yesterday!), I decided to do something with my extra time and daylight. So I started weeding the garden!...What? You say that wasn't even on my list of projects?...oh, right. WHOOPS! :)

Here's a representation of what the garden looked like before I started. Yes, this is another part of the garden that I haven't gotten to yet. I feel like we live in a jungle house. It's a big project.

I bought all sorts of flowers: petunias, snap dragons, marigolds, columbines, forget-me-nots, and coreopsis/tickseed. They're a good mix of annuals and perennials. I'm hoping the annuals re-seed. I know the marigolds will, but the others are questionable.

I was out from 6:30pm - 10pm weeding, planting, and then watering the plants (including a trip to home depot). I wasn't able to get them all in. Here's a picture of the ones I didn't get to yet.

And finally, here's a couple pictures of the finished product. I'll take a picture later in the season, too, to show how they've grown and spread.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a job!! And it looks GREAT!!

Dani said...

lucky!I wont be starting my garden or planting any flowers till next year. Oh and I haven't started the 3rd mistborn yet. I did read the last few pages though (I know slap my wrist) but I'm all wound tight and want to know what happened to lead up to what happened. Bah.

brenna said...

I've been admiring your flowers whenever I drive past. They look great! (this kind of makes me sound creepy, but what can you do...)