Friday, October 26, 2012

Out Sick

This week I was supposed to be packing up stuff that we don't use very often so we can start moving in a week. Turns out I've spent the whole week in bed. Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but only a bit. Thursday afternoon (last week) I started getting that weird feeling in my nose/throat that signaled the oncoming cold. I thought, "oh man, not another cold, i've only been over my previous one for a annoying." Friday I woke up to a huge sinus headache. I mean I hurt from my teeth, through my sinuses, and my eyes, all the way back through my head and down my neck and shoulders. Neither ibuprofen nor tylenol made a dent in the pain. Friday night I woke up in the middle of the night and the left side of my head felt normal and the right side of my head still had the full pain. It is so strange to have half a headache.
Unfortunately Joshua has it, too. He has been a trooper though and hasn't been as terrible as he could be through this. Most of the day he hangs out with me in bed (watching Cars, Thomas, or Chuck the truck and friends [that's not what it is really called...can't think of the name right now]) or sitting in my lap playing with my phone. He still runs around part of the day playing with his cars, train, fire truck, and dump trucks though, too. I just watch him and wonder where he gets all that energy from.
So sinus pressure, post nasal drip, sore throat, and it also comes with a lack of appetite. I struggle to force myself to eat 2 meals per day. Joshua's been a peach about eating, too. If I can get him to eat more than a half banana, two yogurts, and some juice for the whole day, I consider it a good day. I mean full-on tantrums when it's meal time. He eats better for Dave, but Dave just can't be home for all the meals of the day. A couple days I filled his sippy with half eggnog, half milk, hoping he'd get some extra protein and calories from that.
Every night I think that I will feel better in the morning. Here's another night of hoping that's true!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Face update

Remember when I posted all that very interesting stuff about my face? Well, I've been keeping up pretty well with that routine. (Apricot Scrub in the morning shower, mary kay wash in the evening, MK day and night solution respectively, MK moisturizer)
Well, it hasn't been helping. I think a month is long enough to tell whether it will work. So, I got this idea from pinterest.
It goes against all my previous ideas on how to clean a face, but it makes sense. Oil disolving oil--heard that before. Also makes sense that your face would become dependent on moisturizers and produce more oil than necessary. It's like how your lips get dependent on chap stick. I bought some castor oil today and I already have tons of olive oil, so tonight will be my first oil cleansing experience. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bear Lake Weekend

Dave told me to keep Friday and Saturday open on my birthday weekend, but he wasn't going to tell me what we were doing. He was super excited about it. He was most excited because he was able to keep it secret. He's not good at keeping something secret. I almost always know what my birthday and Christmas presents are well before Christmas. It's not like he tells me what they are, he just happens to ask little questions about it the month before hand.
He was pretty good this time. I didn't know until the day we were leaving.
Anyway, we went up to our time share at Bear Lake. We went there two years ago for our anniversary. Apparently the first weekend in May up at Bear Lake when it is snowing isn't as pleasant. None of the stores were open. I was also morning sick then, too. This time was a lot more pleasant. It was a little chilly, but since it was a little bit after the busy season, things were still open and there weren't any crowds. The beach wasn't completely empty like the first time, but it was warm enough to go swimming.
We drove up there Friday, stopped in Logan for groceries.
Saturday morning we drove to Paris, ID and stood outside the tabernacle. Then we drove through the wildlife preserve to look for birds. I think most of them had flown south for the Winter already. We only saw a few ducks.
Then we played at the beach for a while.

That evening we went out for dinner at a little place called Cooper's. It was a cute little restaurant and the food was decently priced for a good amount. I got a chicken breast and a trout. We got Joshua a spaghetti.
Sunday morning we got up early, packed up the car, rode our bikes up the bike path a bit, then strapped the bikes back on the car and drove to Logan.
We stopped to visit Daniel at USU for a little while. We were able to drive past the Brigham City Temple and then rushed home, changed our clothes, dropped Joshua off at Dave's parents and then attended the last session of the Brigham City Temple dedication.
My favorite part of the whole weekend was that we got to spend uninterrupted time together as a family for the whole weekend. It was a wonderful birthday present.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some reasons why I am excited to move

#1 on my list: de-junking!
Our own laundry room with our own washer and dryer
Redecorating each room
Space in the office room for my craft supplies and (not-yet-purchased) sewing desk
Gas fireplace
Joshua's room won't share a wall with our bathroom

Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm so proud of myself today

For so many reasons:

  1. I went to the gym this morning after having been sick for 2 weeks (sick child = no child care = can't go to the gym). I swam 6 lengths breast stroke, 4 lengths freestyle, 4 lengths back stroke, and 4 more lengths breast stroke. Now before you are impressed, it's only a 25 M pool. Nothing like swimming laps to remind yourself how completely out of shape you are.
  2. I started a Feel Great in 8 Challenge today and only slipped up twice.
  3. I went to Hobby Lobby, complained to a manager about my faulty cut of fabric from Saturday and was able to exchange it for the correct length, even though it had been cut in half.
  4. I called like 10 HVAC repair places to compare prices and availability. First of all, me calling somewhere is just an achievement in itself, but 10 places! I was very professional and grown up about it, too. I had all my questions ready and well phrased before hand and only stumbled through it once when I was caught off guard by a message machine. 
  5. I scheduled our 5 furnaces and 1 boiler to have tune-ups. (2 where we live now, 3 and 1 in our new house!)
  6. I got messages from 2 of the units in the house saying that the heating wasn't working. So I headed over there in the evening when they'd be for sure home and here are the sub-bullets for my accomplishments there:
  • I went in the basement (oh so creepy and spider-filled = gets its own bullet point)
  • I found the light switch in the basement (again, creepy, gets its own bullet point)
  • I went in the room in the basement with the boiler in it (even creepier with no windows and a dangling bulb from the ceiling...yes, you're imagining the creepiest darkest room in a spider infested are wait, there are rooms past that room that are even creepier. I didn't go in those, just shone a flashlight in them)
  • I inspected the boiler to see what the problem just looks like a box with a bunch of tubes coming out of it with little pressure gauges on them. Yeah, I had no idea. But there was a little green light! Green lights are good. Found out that they were using the thermostat for the fireplace instead of the heater thermostat - showed them how to use it. FIXED! woohoo! (yes, I'm claiming credit for this one because I was in the basement 2 times solely for this...)
  • The water in the kitchen only comes out cold. I figured it was pipe issues that needed a plumber to fix it, but I figured I'd take a look in the basement (again!) to see if I could see something with my completely untrained eyes. Turns out the pilot light for their water heater was out. I read the instructions and lit the pilot light by. my. self. 
    • Side note - now that I think of it, I bet the gas fireplace wasn't working for the same reason. Now that I know how to light a pilot light, maybe I can fix that, too!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


At about lunchtime today, Joshua went in to visit Dave who was in bed (he is nocturnal on Thursdays). Josh was in there talking to him about everything he could think of. Then he turned over and went to sleep. So adorable. I would have taken a picture, but I didn't want to wake him up. So today he took his nap in our bed. I don't blame him, it's pretty much the most comfortable bed in the world.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chicken Salad

1 can canned chicken
1 handful red grapes, quartered
1/2 apple, chopped
1 handful frozen peas
1 lime yogurt
(Optionals that I didn't have on hand and so didn't use: celery, diced; cashews, chopped)

Serve on croissants.