Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm so proud of myself today

For so many reasons:

  1. I went to the gym this morning after having been sick for 2 weeks (sick child = no child care = can't go to the gym). I swam 6 lengths breast stroke, 4 lengths freestyle, 4 lengths back stroke, and 4 more lengths breast stroke. Now before you are impressed, it's only a 25 M pool. Nothing like swimming laps to remind yourself how completely out of shape you are.
  2. I started a Feel Great in 8 Challenge today and only slipped up twice.
  3. I went to Hobby Lobby, complained to a manager about my faulty cut of fabric from Saturday and was able to exchange it for the correct length, even though it had been cut in half.
  4. I called like 10 HVAC repair places to compare prices and availability. First of all, me calling somewhere is just an achievement in itself, but 10 places! I was very professional and grown up about it, too. I had all my questions ready and well phrased before hand and only stumbled through it once when I was caught off guard by a message machine. 
  5. I scheduled our 5 furnaces and 1 boiler to have tune-ups. (2 where we live now, 3 and 1 in our new house!)
  6. I got messages from 2 of the units in the house saying that the heating wasn't working. So I headed over there in the evening when they'd be for sure home and here are the sub-bullets for my accomplishments there:
  • I went in the basement (oh so creepy and spider-filled = gets its own bullet point)
  • I found the light switch in the basement (again, creepy, gets its own bullet point)
  • I went in the room in the basement with the boiler in it (even creepier with no windows and a dangling bulb from the ceiling...yes, you're imagining the creepiest darkest room in a spider infested are wait, there are rooms past that room that are even creepier. I didn't go in those, just shone a flashlight in them)
  • I inspected the boiler to see what the problem just looks like a box with a bunch of tubes coming out of it with little pressure gauges on them. Yeah, I had no idea. But there was a little green light! Green lights are good. Found out that they were using the thermostat for the fireplace instead of the heater thermostat - showed them how to use it. FIXED! woohoo! (yes, I'm claiming credit for this one because I was in the basement 2 times solely for this...)
  • The water in the kitchen only comes out cold. I figured it was pipe issues that needed a plumber to fix it, but I figured I'd take a look in the basement (again!) to see if I could see something with my completely untrained eyes. Turns out the pilot light for their water heater was out. I read the instructions and lit the pilot light by. my. self. 
    • Side note - now that I think of it, I bet the gas fireplace wasn't working for the same reason. Now that I know how to light a pilot light, maybe I can fix that, too!!!


Ryan and Alexis Bessey said...

Yes, Yes!!! I'm impressed and very proud of you too! Look at you Mrs. Handy Jack-of-all-Trades Woman! Now I know who to get a hold of when I have house problems. Nothing so far, but I'll keep you in mind.

Chelsea said...

You are awesome!!!

Sarah Brazee said...