Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Sarah: Hi, I’d like a Steak Chalupa Supreme…ummm…a Cheesy Nachos, a Caramel Apple Empanada, and a medium soda please.

Taco Guy: Ok, that’ll be $16.xx at the second window.

Sarah: did I hear him right? Hmmm *drives to second window*

Taco Guy: That’ll be $16.xx

Sarah: Why is it more than $16?!

Taco Guy: Well, each Chalupa is $2

Sarah: But I only ordered one

Taco Guy: You said “Six Chalupa Supremes”

Sarah: No, I said “STEAK Chalupa Supreme”

Taco Guy: Oh…uh…hold on…That’s $6.xx

Nighttime Adventures

I've always been one to have crazy dreams. Pregnancy has just accentuated this. It has also made me a deeper sleeper (thank goodness!). This results in many confusions upon waking...if i wake.

Last night I dreamed that I was in a circular public bed (think merry-go-round toy at a park). So when I awoke in the middle of the night, I believed my dream so much that I had to scramble in the dark for my cell phone (aka: flashlight) to make sure I was indeed sleeping next to Dave, and not some stranger. After checking several times, I convinced myself that it was actually Dave, and went back to sleep.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pregnancy Update - Week 23

How far along: 23 weeks(on Sunday, August, 29th)

Total weight gain/loss: +8?? I weighed 150 at my first appointment (4 weeks), and then i got the flu and lost 7 lbs, which was more like my normal weight anyways. So from here on out, I'm just going off of 143 as my "starting weight."

Maternity clothes: yes! They’re so comfortable! I bought 2 pairs of pants and 5 shirts from H&M while we were in Walnut Creek, CA in July. I’m also hoping for some from Chelsea (?). I may invest in another pair of maternity pants I can wear to work soon, and maybe a skirt or two.

Stretch marks: still not any yet…knock on wood.

Sleep: I sleep like a rock. It’s been wonderful. Usually I’m a light sleeper. The down side is I don’t wake up when my bladder gets full, so it is EXTRA full in the morning and I have a stomach ache. I’ve still been able to sleep on my tummy-ish, which is how I’m most comfortable, but I still wake up on my back (with no covers on).

Best moment this week: We went to Boondocks Fun Center and I discovered that it’s still possible to ride go-carts, play mini golf, eat a ton of pizza, and ride bumper boats while pregnant. However, mini golf is a pain to lean down and put the ball on the “tee” and to pick it up out of the hole, and playing arcade D.D.R. is a LOT harder when you’re pregnant (not advisable).

Movement: yes! He doesn’t move a ton, but when he does, it’s just little twitches on my belly. He sometimes jerks awake and pushes out in all directions, and that’s probably the weirdest feeling yet. Dave has also gotten to feel a few kicks/punches, but the little guy isn’t a very reliable kicker.

Food cravings: still mostly fruit, although this past week or so I’ve been craving cereal often, but that just may be because it requires no cooking.

Aversions: still the same no meat (sometimes chicken or fish is ok) and no grease

Gender: BOY!

What I miss: not feeling like an invalid while trying to do chores around the house. I can’t lift things, I run out of energy fast, and I can’t do ANYTHING if it’s too hot!

Milestones: The only thing I can think of was last week I was 22 weeks on August 22nd. That was pretty cool.

Extra: I think I got a bladder infection this week, probably due to my sleeping habits (not waking up to pee), so I drank lots of cranberry juice. Then my right kidney area started hurting, so I called the doctor, and they said to make an appointment. Of course right then it stopped hurting. If it hurts again I’ll make an appointment. Otherwise I’ll just bring it up at my next appointment next week!

Past info: At my 20 week appointment, the doctor listened to the heartbeat (all normal), and measured my belly. I’m measuring a little bigger than average there, but the baby’s head was exactly the right size to be due on Christmas still. We’ll see how the next appointment goes on Sept. 3rd.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Annual Tahoe Trip Post 5

Back at the house, the cousins played, Monkey avoided them, and we took evening walks, all surrounding meal times, which were fun experiences of "too many cooks in the kitchen" as usual.

One evening, all the girls took a walk (except Barbara, I think she was cooking or maybe out with Erik somewhere). Even Monkey came because she's a girl dog.

After the walk, Monkey crashed. We've never before or since been able to tire her out like we did that day. It was a day of playing on the beach, swimming in the water (which, remember, she hated), and going on a long evening walk.

One nice thing about Tahoe evenings is the sunsets. Every evening there are amazing purple and pink sunsets over the water. Again I wish my camera captured the color better, but you get the idea from this picture overlooking the Ranch.

Dave and I took a golf cart ride one evening right as the sun was almost down. We went to China Beach and took some great silhouette pictures. There's a tree that has fun branches for silhouette pictures there. We killed two birds with one stone and got some "belly" pictures, too. This is me at 18 weeks, and Dave's sympathy belly at 18 weeks:

It may seem that we don't spend any time with my grandparents while we're there. It's really not so. For some reason I just never get pictures with them while we're there. Goal for next year: Get more pictures of and with Grammy and Papa!

It was a whirlwind trip for Dave and me, and we needed another vacation when we got home, but I'm glad we have the opportunity to spend time with family at beautiful Lake Tahoe every year.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Annual Tahoe Trip Post 4

Back at Lake Tahoe, I didn't go back out on the boat (Dave did). We spent more time on the beach than the last couple of years. By the time we got back to Tahoe from the Bay Area, Erik, Barbara, and kids had arrived. Chelsea and Kevin came that night, and Daniel got there the next evening.

One reason we had brought Monkey with us was to teach her how to swim. Fortunately dogs know how to swim by instinct, however not all dogs like it. Monkey didn't like swimming. She didn't mind the water, if it wasn't too rough, but she didn't like getting deep enough to where she had to swim. I got some nice bruises on my legs from her trying to climb up me to get out of the water (no pictures, sorry), so Dave took over trying to teach her.

We did find she LOVED being squirted with the squirt gun. I've got a great video of her trying to "catch" or "attack" the water. We'll see if I can get it uploaded.

Here are some pictures of us playing on the beach:

Penny was born to be a beach bum, even in her PJs

Rachel was in love with the sand - I bet she still has some stuck to her today

Dave tried to dig to China, while Monkey and I watched. I was a lot less uncomfortable than I look, but hey, you can see I have a belly!

I tried to make a sand castle with Monkey's help, but I gave up after one bucket.

Rachel and Justin loved being sprayed by Dave almost as much as Monkey did, but I think that Rachel had the "sneak" attack down.

Even Penny decided the water wasn't too cold. From which side do you think Penny gets her skin - the Fisher side...or the Christensen side? (Ok, Erik and I compared, and we were equally pasty...he had me beat on tanner arms though.)

Justin was braver about entering the water this year. Last year he was still pretty scared of the water.

Dave and I took the Kayak for its first spin on our last Morning there. We even paddled to where the boat was buoyed. Ok, ok, I admit, Dave did most of the paddling.

Rachel and Justin sure have a cool Uncle Daniel. He taxis them all around in the kayak (I stole this picture, it happened after Dave and I left)

And, uhhhh, here's a cool picture I took one evening under the pier - again, not as cool as it could have been

To be continued...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Annual Tahoe Trip Post 3

The next day we took a short trip to the Bay Area. We figured it was just a few more hours of driving, and we'd be able to see some more friends and family.

It was only supposed to be about 4 hours of driving to get to the Bay Area, but we hit some BAD traffic in Berkley (Note to self: Next time, don't go anywhere NEAR San Francisco if you don't want to hit its traffic!). While we were in traffic however, we were able to make some "friends" with whom we played leap frog. There was the girl in the convertible BMW who ate a banana, there was the mini van with the Skulls and cross bones, and plenty of Motorcycles who decided they were too good for traffic and zoomed between the lanes (although legal in California, still a bonehead thing to do).

Also while stuck in traffic we got a wonderful view of the Golden Gate bridge and the San Francisco Skyline! (see picture below)

It's over there, I promise.

We visited Chris and Carrie and their new baby Abigail. It was fun to see Chris and Carrie and we wish we/they lived closer. We didn't stay long because Abigail was only 6 days old (mother and baby needed just a short visit), and we had other places to go and people to meet.

We stopped by the Oakland temple to stretch our legs. Dave had never been to the Bay Area, so it was fun to show him how to walk around the roof of the temple. I wish the smog would have gotten the memo and disappeared so he saw the true beauty of the views. We'll just have to go back some day.

Unfortunately I completely forgot to take pictures of everyone else we visited. But we went out to dinner with Aunt Lynda, Uncle Bill, Auntie Karen, and...(spacing on the name right now...SORRY!). We also went "window shopping" at H&M in Walnut Creek. I got 2 pairs of maternity pants and 5 shirts for $100 (total) - I. love. that. store.

We spent the night at Auntie Karen's house (THANK YOU!) and drove back to Tahoe the next day.

On our way back, there were some pretty curvy roads.

I'm pretty sure this is where I felt the baby first move in my belly - I don't think he liked the curves too much.

To be continued...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Annual Tahoe Trip Post 2

Our second day at Tahoe it was just my mom, Dave, and me. Just the right amount to take the boat out for a spin. So we got up, got our swimming suits on, and took off to the boat.

We decided to take Monkey with us to the boat. I was nervous she's get so scared she'd pee, but she did ok. She got used to the boat pretty quickly as long as it wasn't moving.

Since I couldn't ski, and my mom didn't want to ski a ton because the water was rough and she was unsure of her shoulder, Dave skied twice, my mom skied once, and we did a lot of sitting in the boat, just enjoying the day.

Here come the pictures:

Dave was the first to get in. The first dive into the lake is always the worst. I caught it on video, but he was pretty quiet and boring about the ice cold experience.

We found some new (used), wide, short, training skis in the garage, so Dave decided to give them a whirl.

He was able to get right up his second try and he stayed up quite a while! See him wayyyy out there?

There's a better, closer picture. He usually tries to get up on the wakeboard, too, but didn't want to this year since his back has been giving him problems.

Next my mom skied, but I didn't get many good pictures since she wasn't up long. (Trial run to see if her shoulder would hurt)

We were able to get a nice "family" picture before we put the boat on the buoy and headed home for lunch.

To be continued...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Annual Tahoe Trip Post 1

For such a quick trip, there sure are a lot of things I could say about it. I know a lot of people get A.D.D. while reading longer posts, so I am going to break up this post into a few posts. Don't worry, it's mostly pictures with some explanation.

This year, we had to fit the Tahoe trip around a holiday so I wouldn't have to use as many vacation hours, and hopefully our business would survive with us out of town. We had to decide between the weekend of Independence Day or the weekend of Pioneer Day. That's right folks, Utah celebrates Pioneer Day, meaning I get it off every year! What a deal!

Well we've gone on Independence Day the last couple years, so we decided it'd be nice to go a different weekend to avoid the crowds. However, Dave groaned about missing the Independence Day BBQ, see Men Wielding Fire.

So we packed up the Tahoe with our stuff and Monkey, and headed out West. We saw some amazing sunset views on our way across the salt flats, but my camera didn't capture them as well as I'd have liked.

Our first day there we were the only ones there, and ended up just napping most of the afternoon. It was much needed, and very relaxing. That night we picked up my mom from a hotel/casino and had dinner there, too.

To be continued...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hypocritical Goals

As I check my blog list every day (see right column), I get discouraged when most of the people don't even post most of the time. Another frustrating thing for me is that whenever I post, I only get one or two comments. But then I realized that I'm a complete hypocrite!

Notice, 5 posts for June, 5 posts for July...1 post for August...Yeah, I never post anything either!

Check your blogs...have I commented on any of your posts...NO!

Ok, if you check your blogs, you may notice some comments from today. And Hey! THIS is a blog post! That's right, I'm changing my ways. I'm re-resolving to be better. I'm making some goals. I'm writing them down. I'm telling people about them. I'm making them quantitative.

I, Sarah, will be commenting on your blog posts, when I read them.

I, Sarah, will be posting more often - at least once per week.

Signed, Sarah

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's a....

I know if you've been on facebook at all, you already know what it is. But here's to you one reader of mine that doesn't really do facebook, or text messaging...:-P

Here are the pictures (sorry, bad quality - they're cell phone pictures of tiny pictures):

Here's the face. Really it wasn't possible to see too many facial features - it's more just a skull. No cleft lip though!

Here's an arm.

Here's a leg. All legs and arms are there and intact.

It's a BOY! He wasn't shy at all, and it was very obvious so we're 100% sure now that it's a boy. I was pretty sure it was just how my skin is reacting to the pregnancy (oily), but I obviously wasn't more than 60% sure.

We don't have any names picked out. I have a few that I like, but Dave doesn't necessarily like them and vice versa. More pregnancy updates in a later post.