Monday, August 23, 2010

Annual Tahoe Trip Post 1

For such a quick trip, there sure are a lot of things I could say about it. I know a lot of people get A.D.D. while reading longer posts, so I am going to break up this post into a few posts. Don't worry, it's mostly pictures with some explanation.

This year, we had to fit the Tahoe trip around a holiday so I wouldn't have to use as many vacation hours, and hopefully our business would survive with us out of town. We had to decide between the weekend of Independence Day or the weekend of Pioneer Day. That's right folks, Utah celebrates Pioneer Day, meaning I get it off every year! What a deal!

Well we've gone on Independence Day the last couple years, so we decided it'd be nice to go a different weekend to avoid the crowds. However, Dave groaned about missing the Independence Day BBQ, see Men Wielding Fire.

So we packed up the Tahoe with our stuff and Monkey, and headed out West. We saw some amazing sunset views on our way across the salt flats, but my camera didn't capture them as well as I'd have liked.

Our first day there we were the only ones there, and ended up just napping most of the afternoon. It was much needed, and very relaxing. That night we picked up my mom from a hotel/casino and had dinner there, too.

To be continued...


Maggie & Nate said...

ok let me tell you I do not have time to read everything people thanks for breaking it up... :0)

brenna said...

What a beautiful sunset! Way to create suspense until your next post!

GooberDiva13 said...

you're welcome Maggie! stay tuned for tomorrow's post (7:31 am!)