Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Annual Tahoe Trip Post 3

The next day we took a short trip to the Bay Area. We figured it was just a few more hours of driving, and we'd be able to see some more friends and family.

It was only supposed to be about 4 hours of driving to get to the Bay Area, but we hit some BAD traffic in Berkley (Note to self: Next time, don't go anywhere NEAR San Francisco if you don't want to hit its traffic!). While we were in traffic however, we were able to make some "friends" with whom we played leap frog. There was the girl in the convertible BMW who ate a banana, there was the mini van with the Skulls and cross bones, and plenty of Motorcycles who decided they were too good for traffic and zoomed between the lanes (although legal in California, still a bonehead thing to do).

Also while stuck in traffic we got a wonderful view of the Golden Gate bridge and the San Francisco Skyline! (see picture below)

It's over there, I promise.

We visited Chris and Carrie and their new baby Abigail. It was fun to see Chris and Carrie and we wish we/they lived closer. We didn't stay long because Abigail was only 6 days old (mother and baby needed just a short visit), and we had other places to go and people to meet.

We stopped by the Oakland temple to stretch our legs. Dave had never been to the Bay Area, so it was fun to show him how to walk around the roof of the temple. I wish the smog would have gotten the memo and disappeared so he saw the true beauty of the views. We'll just have to go back some day.

Unfortunately I completely forgot to take pictures of everyone else we visited. But we went out to dinner with Aunt Lynda, Uncle Bill, Auntie Karen, and...(spacing on the name right now...SORRY!). We also went "window shopping" at H&M in Walnut Creek. I got 2 pairs of maternity pants and 5 shirts for $100 (total) - I. love. that. store.

We spent the night at Auntie Karen's house (THANK YOU!) and drove back to Tahoe the next day.

On our way back, there were some pretty curvy roads.

I'm pretty sure this is where I felt the baby first move in my belly - I don't think he liked the curves too much.

To be continued...


Mike + Mo said...

Pretty Pictures! You can walk around on the roof of the Temple?

Smart Helm said...

That traffic would drive me crazy. But sounds like u've been having some fun!