Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Favorite Park take II

A few weeks after Mother's Day we went on another picnic to the same park. This time we came more prepared with food for the ducks, more food for ourselves, and a bike lock so we could wander a bit more without worrying about our bikes. Here are some pictures I took that time (5/26/13).
 This bird was just chilling by the play area. I got really close before it flew away. Some other kids got even closer to another one.
 My picnic buddies.
 Best way to eat a sandwich ever.
 Old, stale cheerios for the ducks. They weren't terribly hungry though.
 Dave climbing up the fire pole to go down the slide with Joshua. They had fun going down the slide then coming over to me to discharge their static on my knee. When it wouldn't work, Joshua would try touching my other knee to see if that one would work. :)
 Dave testing out more playground equipment.
 Joshua trying out the same equipment. He was not very amused.
There were some pretty wild irises (?) along the little stream that I took like 20 pictures of trying to get the focus right. The light was fading and there were a million things for the camera to focus on. Aren't they pretty though?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year I got to choose that we go on a bike ride/picnic along the river trail. I figured we'd just pick one of the parks we'd pass to eat at. We chose this one that I hadn't been to before. It's now one of my favorite parks. It's tucked away over by the freeway. There are a tons of tall trees, picnic tables, open grass, a pond with ducks, a great play structure, swings, and even some pavilions.
 Goofing off while eating dinner on the picnic blanket. We had chicken salad on croissants. So yummy! We were all still hungry by the end though. Riding bikes sure works up an appetite.
 I love this face he's pulling. He could swing all day.
 Dave getting in on the swing fun. He was having a blast re-living his childhood. He was giggling the whole time because he had forgotten that you get the falling feeling every time you go back or forth.
Watching the ducks. I didn't bring anything to feed them this time because, well, I didn't know there would be ducks. Look at those eyelashes! I hope if we ever have girls, they get those lashes! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Splash Pad Fun

There's a new splash pad in town and last Friday we went to check it out with our little play group:
Taking off to go check it out while it's off. Doesn't know the treat he's in for!
 It's really difficult to focus on little toddlers running around while there is water spraying up around them.
 Barely wet and already having a blast (and blasting out everyone's ear drums with one of his ear-piercing screams).
 Just look at that happy face! Do you think it was a hit?
Really getting into it. I'm really glad I got some water shoes this year for this and for the water park all summer. Hopefully it will save us from some slips and hot sidewalk burns. Now I just need to dig out the swimming suits to see if any fit so he doesn't have to keep wearing just normal shorts.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

West 1 Bedroom Apartment Pictures

Ok, yesterday was the 2-bedroom apartment upstairs from us. Today is the West apartment in the house next door which is part of the 4plex. It's a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with washer/dryer hookups. Let me tell you how much more I like the floors in these than in ours and the 2 bedroom upstairs from ours... A LOT! Whoever invented almost-black wood floors should be hung. They're horrid. They show every scratch and fleck of anything. With my cleaning habits, I need floors that show almost nothing. K, on to the pictures!
 From entry (see, aren't they lovely floors?!)
 Kitchen (don't you love the cabinets, too?)
 Front doorway (notice the nice view of the beautiful building across the street)
 Living room (yes, it's attached to the kitchen)
 Bedroom closet (unfortunately that big pipe is exhaust for all sorts of water heaters and furnaces in the basement and can't be moved.) Look! you can see our other house out the window!
 From the bedroom toward the kitchen and laundry/bathroom
 From the bedroom closet. There's another outside door in the bedroom. (it's open right now for more light)
 Door closed.
 Laundry room/hookups. 
 Bathroom from laundry room.
Laundry room from bathroom (I'm standing in the shower to take this hah!)

This unit and the one next to it have central heating and air conditioning. Super nice.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2 Bedroom Apartment Pictures

In case anyone wants to see what our other apartments look like, here's part 1 of a 2-part blog post. Here are some pictures I took of our 2-bedroom apartment upstairs from us:
 Entry-way: stairs up to the apartment.
 Looking back down the stairs at the front door.
 Bathroom (I had to sit on the toilet to take this picture lol! don't worry, I wasn't using it...)
 See, there it is. 
 Our cute claw-foot tub
 Annnnd...another bathroom picture. 
 Moving on to the kitchen. This is from the top of the stairs. 
 From over by the fridge, see the bathroom door open over there?
 From by the oven/sink, there's bedroom 1 door, stairs down, and bathroom door.
 Last kitchen picture: that's the "hallway" to the living room and bedroom 2.
 Bedroom 1 from doorway
 Other side of bedroom 1, including closet.
 Doorway back to kitchen.
 Living room. Gas fireplace (that I can't figure out how to open for the life of me to turn off the pilot light)
 Other side of living room with storage closet.
 Back toward bedroom 2 and kitchen.
 Storage closet close up.
 Last corner of living room.
 Bedroom 2 from doorway to living room.
 Other side of bedroom 2 including closet.
 Back toward the doorway to living room.
 Close-up of closet.
And the rest of bedroom 2.

And if you made it this far, here's a picture I took looking out bedroom 2 window to our backyard: