Wednesday, June 5, 2013

West 1 Bedroom Apartment Pictures

Ok, yesterday was the 2-bedroom apartment upstairs from us. Today is the West apartment in the house next door which is part of the 4plex. It's a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with washer/dryer hookups. Let me tell you how much more I like the floors in these than in ours and the 2 bedroom upstairs from ours... A LOT! Whoever invented almost-black wood floors should be hung. They're horrid. They show every scratch and fleck of anything. With my cleaning habits, I need floors that show almost nothing. K, on to the pictures!
 From entry (see, aren't they lovely floors?!)
 Kitchen (don't you love the cabinets, too?)
 Front doorway (notice the nice view of the beautiful building across the street)
 Living room (yes, it's attached to the kitchen)
 Bedroom closet (unfortunately that big pipe is exhaust for all sorts of water heaters and furnaces in the basement and can't be moved.) Look! you can see our other house out the window!
 From the bedroom toward the kitchen and laundry/bathroom
 From the bedroom closet. There's another outside door in the bedroom. (it's open right now for more light)
 Door closed.
 Laundry room/hookups. 
 Bathroom from laundry room.
Laundry room from bathroom (I'm standing in the shower to take this hah!)

This unit and the one next to it have central heating and air conditioning. Super nice.

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Carrie said...

you're hilarious. i never commented yesterday even though i thought it in my head. it would have gone something like "OH MY GOODNESS I AM IN LOVE WITH THOSE DARK FLOORS AND GORGEOUS THICK MOLDING!!!" so that's really funny that you hate the dark floors. i pretty much die at anything dark wood. looooove it. which is why my house is a whole mess of brown. i love brown. almost as much as i love pink. so yes, harder to keep clean but i would totally make that sacrifice. love, the girl who can't remember the last time she swept or mopped her floors. or vacuumed. xoxo