Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2 Bedroom Apartment Pictures

In case anyone wants to see what our other apartments look like, here's part 1 of a 2-part blog post. Here are some pictures I took of our 2-bedroom apartment upstairs from us:
 Entry-way: stairs up to the apartment.
 Looking back down the stairs at the front door.
 Bathroom (I had to sit on the toilet to take this picture lol! don't worry, I wasn't using it...)
 See, there it is. 
 Our cute claw-foot tub
 Annnnd...another bathroom picture. 
 Moving on to the kitchen. This is from the top of the stairs. 
 From over by the fridge, see the bathroom door open over there?
 From by the oven/sink, there's bedroom 1 door, stairs down, and bathroom door.
 Last kitchen picture: that's the "hallway" to the living room and bedroom 2.
 Bedroom 1 from doorway
 Other side of bedroom 1, including closet.
 Doorway back to kitchen.
 Living room. Gas fireplace (that I can't figure out how to open for the life of me to turn off the pilot light)
 Other side of living room with storage closet.
 Back toward bedroom 2 and kitchen.
 Storage closet close up.
 Last corner of living room.
 Bedroom 2 from doorway to living room.
 Other side of bedroom 2 including closet.
 Back toward the doorway to living room.
 Close-up of closet.
And the rest of bedroom 2.

And if you made it this far, here's a picture I took looking out bedroom 2 window to our backyard:

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