Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drip Drip Drop, little...May?...showers!

Yesterday it rained pretty much all day. In the morning I opened the window and just listened to the rain while I woke up slowly. Then at work we have sky lights almost right above my cubicle, so I got to listen to the pitter patter of rain while at work too.

When I got home from work, I read my book while listening to the rain through the open window. It was warm enough that we even left the window cracked open all night so we got to listen to the rain as we fell asleep, too.

I love summer rain! It's so relaxing!

n.b: I don't think I could live anywhere that it rained ALL the time, but occasional rains are va bene.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bear Lake

When we got engaged, we got suckered into one of those time share meeting things where they promise all sorts of free trips and gift cards. We ended up getting a time share with World Mark (and a lot of free stuff including gas cards, home depot gift cards, and a free trip we ended up not using), which we used for our honeymoon in Mexico. We get 6000 points per year (the smallest amount available), and they can roll over for one year before they disappear. Since we didn't use it last year, we had 6000 points that were about to disappear. We ended up getting a 6 person condo up at Bear Lake for our anniversary weekend (4 nights 5 days...pretty sweet).

So if you've ever been to bear lake you know about the wonderfully soft beaches, the delicious raspberries (dipped in chocolate, shakes, fresh, etc.). There's also hiking, a cool cave, horseback riding, tours of old buildings, and other fun activities.

Yeah, those are only if you go after Memorial day.

The whole weekend it was cold, windy, and snowed off and on. The beaches were still there of course, and we didn't have to pay to park or anything! But I was pretty surprised there weren't chunks of ice floating in the lake.

Luckily the type of vacation we were needing was the type where you go somewhere where there aren't a ton of people, and no technology (cell phone reception, computers galore, internet), and do nothing. It was PERFECT!

We drove up to Montpilier for groceries and noticed that the Paris Tabernacle's front door was cracked open, so we invited ourselves in. There was a guy practicing the organ for the organ recitals that start next month. We scared him half to death when he noticed us.

I really think that this Tabernacle may be my favorite. I loved all the woodwork. The ceiling was especially entertaining to look at. You can see the guy practicing the organ. This was before he knew we were there.

I have more pictures of our time actually at bear lake, but I have to find the cord to my camera before I can post them.

We spent most of our last day in Logan. Dave surprised me with flowers on our anniversary, and I got to hold them in my lap all day on Monday as we drove to Logan, around Logan, and home.

We went up to the Logan temple while we were waiting for the next showing of How to Train Your Dragon 3D to start. We were going to walk around, but we ended up just napping in the car instead.

All in all it was a great trip. I'll post more pictures with captions when I get them off my camera (these were all cell phone pictures, sorry about the graininess)

Project Update #7

Well, here's the thing. A lot of people have been asking me how the couch is coming. It's not. I'm really good at starting projects and going gung-ho on them for a good month or so, and then getting super busy with other things.

The zippers and dust cloth came in the mail a while ago, and they've been sitting next to my sewing machine ever since. I have the squares all cut out for the cushions. All I need to do now is sew them together. It'd be nice to have a couch that's completely put together.

Hopefully I'll have more to post about this by next week. (Giving myself a deadline)