Friday, February 27, 2009


Here’s the update. I went to the Chiropractor and told him all my troubles with my pinched nerve. On the form I had to fill out it asked for any other problems, so I wrote down any problems I could think of: Sometimes when I sleep funny, my left shoulder gets a pinched nerve, and for about 10 years I swear the vertebrae in my neck have been out of line, but I could just be paranoid.

Turns out, I was right, 1 vertebrae in my neck was one way, and the next one was the other way…so 2 were out of line. So he had me breathe in and then out, POP!!, one between my shoulders. Breathe in-POP! One near my kidneys. Then for ones in my neck he just about ripped my head off both ways. Then, hey lean this way til you’re almost falling off the table…POP!, then the other way.

At the end of being twisted, turned, poked, prodded, and squished I felt a ton better! I could even breathe better, it didn’t hurt to sit, walk, stand, lie down, etc. Actually it didn’t hurt at ALL anymore!!! Yay! I went again this morning and I have to go MWF next week to train my back to be in the right place—the downside of the story for sure. My neck went back to where it was within hours of leaving my first appointment. I also got a headache after the fact, but today he used this jackhammer thing on my head to help prevent it—so far so good. (Jackhammer on head = no headache? I know, makes no sense.)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It has begun

I have officially started training...sort of. I went for my first run last night with Dave. We ran for about 5 minutes. I was planning on going 10, but we left late, and I had kick boxing at 7, so we only got in 5 minutes. Good news is, though, that I also went to kick boxing. There's a girl on the enrichment committee that is a certified aerobic kick boxing teacher, so Tuesday nights we have kick boxing. I feel a little silly punching and kicking at nothing and pretending to jump rope and dodge, but at the same time it sure does get the heart beating. I also got a Yoga/Pilates ball. I did some exercises with it last Friday with my girl friends. It's a lot of fun. I'm going to try to stretch with it every night before bed to help me relax.

Oh good news! My back really hurts. I think I have a pinched nerve or something. It hurts to walk, hurts to run, hurts to sit, hurts to lie down, and hurts to stretch. Now you're thinking, how is that good news? Well, it's not. But the good news is I'm going to the Chiropractor tonight at 5 and hopefully they will fix it and not cost a bajillion bucks. The Chiropractor I'm going to was highly recommended by a friend. I've never been to a Chiropractor before. They'll probably tell me to stop popping my back, which I already know I should do. It's just easier said than done. Wish me luck! I'll probably come home 2 inches taller (yay 6') and with legs that work without hurting.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009


Ah the long-awaited list of random thoughts I have during the day. Most of the time the thoughts slip away before I remember to write them down, so I just caught the ones I could. I noticed that a lot of the time I have the thought "Gosh I'm so funny" or "haha, I'm hilarious" or any other version.

Here are the other thoughts I've been able to capture

I should keep track of all my random thoughts
That was so clever of me!
Can sticking your finger in your nose ever be funnier than then?
Whoa…I think I had a dream I met Jim Croce
Listening to cake! Hehe Let them listen to cake!
Banned from my vocabulary: “Sassy”
Kazoos sure are fun
I think my calligraphy teacher gives me less feedback because I’m auditing…
Pencils tend to elude me
How do you spell elude? illude? allude?
Why doesn’t February have a shorter name?
Snow is like money from the sky. Dave just has to shovel it up.
I want to run a marathon…I think…
If I save my “pennies” until I have $1000, I’m going to get a dog. I wonder how long that would take?
Why do poop and pb have the same consistency?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Half Marathon!

I just printed the registration for the Provo River 1/2 Marathon! Now I just need to mail it in with a check...IT'S HAPPENING!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things tag

I’ve officially been tagged twice for this, so I guess I’ll do it. But I’m not doing it twice...sorry.

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. (To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.

1. I’ve just decided to train for a half-marathon. (The more people I tell, the more of a chance I’ll actually do it.)
2. I absolutely love anything German, except kraut & kohl.
3. I love reading, and when I’m in a good book, I tune absolutely everything else out for hours. Dave hates it.
4. I like learning new things, but once I reach a certain competency, my interest wanes. Hence my medium to minimal proficiency in the following: Baseball/softball, soccer, piano, ballet, clogging, hockey, rugby, cross country, clarinet, colorguard (the flag twirling one), swimming, guitar. My newest is calligraphy.
5. If you give me a choice I will almost always choose blue or 7.
6. The only bone I’ve broken is my nose. But I’ve sprained my left ankle and my right wrist.
7. I have a fascination with dying my hair, but it usually always turns a coppery red in a month or two no matter what color I dye it.
8. I can seal off my nose with my upper lip—helps keep water out of my nose while swimming.
9. I’m really bad at keeping my clothes cleaned up. They tend to accumulate in a pile somewhere in the room where there is less traffic.
10. I really like peeling off the stickers on deodorant and sticking them to mirrors. I don’t really have a good reason either.
11. I’ve been to 11 different countries: USA, Mexico, China, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, & Hungary.
12. I’ve never weighed more than 10 lbs more than I did in high school. Yay for speedy metabolisms, hate me if you will. My weight can also change up to 10 lbs in a day.
13. 13 Was my soccer number and I’m not superstitious of it. I’m pretty excited for tomorrow! Friday the 13th!
14. I had two nicknames in high school: Goober and Zaza. (And I know where the term “nickname” comes from…)
15. I was a morning person growing up. Early morning seminary was never a problem for me. Now I can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning, but I still can’t do much after 10pm.
16. I always throw myself birthday parties.
17. I’d rather be too warm than too cold any day. But if I spend too much time in the hot sun, I get heat rash.
18. Paper gives me the hibijibies if my hands don’t have the right amount of oils on them…so…most of the time. Newspaper is the worst.
19. I love shoes, and I will never have enough of them.
20. I have to eat when I am hungry, or it is not a pretty sight.
21. I love calendars. I ask for one every Christmas. I just love seeing what day it is, and the pretty picture that goes with the month.
22. If I’m around anyone with any contagious sickness, I will catch it. The most obnoxious is a cold b/c w/o fail I will get a sinus infection. I also tend to get food poisoning from just looking at food that’s contaminated.
23. If I could go anywhere in the world, it’d be Vienna, Austria.
24. My first word was “juice”
25. I still sleep with my adopted “blankie” (My bunny rabbit blanket was lost in the abyss of “sewing” so I adopted a new one)

--See Facebook for the 25 people I tagged--

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I've decided to get back into shape.

This means:

  1. I'll have to un-freeze my gym membership
  2. I have to start eating healthier
  3. I'll have to actually plan my meals and cook
  4. I need to run consistently for 4-6 weeks and be able to run at least 30 minutes without stopping
  5. Oh yeah, did I mention I've decided to train for a half-marathon?

There's really only one problem with training for a half marathon. By the time I'd be ready to run a half-marathon, there won't be any in-state ones. So I may end up doing a whole marathon! Holy cow...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Birthday

We had a nice weekend, although, as always, it was too short.

I had to work late on Friday in order to get more hours in for the week, but when I got home, and after Dave got home from interviewing someone for his business, we went to our ward's game night. We brought our cranium turbo game, but no one ended up playing it. We played pit (the old orange version w/ a good bell) with Joslyn & Devin, Bryan & Jeanette, and Dan & Jessie. Then we played a really fun game called team rock paper scissors that Joslyn showed us. Joslyn is always just full of fun things to do, I love her guts. How to play: put 4 lines parallel to each other on the ground with tape, or something. Split into two teams. Each team stands on on their inner line after they've decided which sign they're going to do (rock, paper, or scissors). Then you play rock paper scissors, and if your team wins you have to run behind your other line before the other team tags you.

Then on Saturday I finished reading Eldest and then we started our spring cleaning, even though it isn't spring yet. All the warmer weather and rain makes it feel like it is though. Too bad it's snowing today. Dave tackled cleaning behind the stove (ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!) and he also figured out why one of the burners didn't work: The cord to where the coil plugs in had burned off. While he took a nap and was working on the nastiness behind the stove, I did some loads of laundry and cleaned the bathroom. I even washed the shower curtain, which was starting to turn yucky, with the floor mat. Note to all: don't wash shower curtains in hot water, they shrink. Then Chelsea called and wanted to know if we wanted to spend a night on the town with them (See her blog for details). We ended up sneaking a whole bunch of food into the theater in my bag. It wasn't at ALL obvious that I made a sloshing noise with every step I took. All in all, we got a lot done, but completely forgot that we were planning on going to the temple. Whoops!

Sunday was Dave's birthday!!! I was going to get him a new controller for our N64, but the stores were all closed by the time we got home Saturday night, so I made him a delicious breakfast burrito for breakfast. It actually filled him!...for a little while. Then we had Ward conference and I went Visiting Teaching after that. One of the girls I visit teach lives in the house across the street, so it was fun to get to know more of our neighbors. All in all, it was a good weekend, but oh i wish it were next weekend already! Yay for 3 day weekends! 2 holidays in 1 weekend! Dave wants to use his free tucanos meal next Saturday, but now that I look at it, Saturday might be THE worst day to go out to dinner...

End of the random ranting: I have decided to write down all my random thoughts on post-it notes and in a week compose a blog post of them. Should prove to be either hilarious or completely incomprehensible.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Pictures

Saturday we went to have family pictures before Alex leaves on his mission on Wednesday. You can go to the photographer's blog here and view a slide show of some of the pictures taken.

I ordered an 8x10 of Dave and me for our mantel, because the only picture we have of us is in our wedding attire. I ordered a 5x7 of the whole family and a 6x4 of a picture of just me and my siblings also for the mantel. I also got a 5x7 of Dave and me for my desk at work so I can see Dave more often. I'm really excited to get them! (But not too excited to pay for them, of course.)