Friday, February 27, 2009


Here’s the update. I went to the Chiropractor and told him all my troubles with my pinched nerve. On the form I had to fill out it asked for any other problems, so I wrote down any problems I could think of: Sometimes when I sleep funny, my left shoulder gets a pinched nerve, and for about 10 years I swear the vertebrae in my neck have been out of line, but I could just be paranoid.

Turns out, I was right, 1 vertebrae in my neck was one way, and the next one was the other way…so 2 were out of line. So he had me breathe in and then out, POP!!, one between my shoulders. Breathe in-POP! One near my kidneys. Then for ones in my neck he just about ripped my head off both ways. Then, hey lean this way til you’re almost falling off the table…POP!, then the other way.

At the end of being twisted, turned, poked, prodded, and squished I felt a ton better! I could even breathe better, it didn’t hurt to sit, walk, stand, lie down, etc. Actually it didn’t hurt at ALL anymore!!! Yay! I went again this morning and I have to go MWF next week to train my back to be in the right place—the downside of the story for sure. My neck went back to where it was within hours of leaving my first appointment. I also got a headache after the fact, but today he used this jackhammer thing on my head to help prevent it—so far so good. (Jackhammer on head = no headache? I know, makes no sense.)


Ask Josh said...

Sounds terrible, but maybe I oughta go. Dang.

Smart Helm said...

Well.. I'm glad they helped.

I've never been to a Quackopractor cuz I'm afraid once I go I'll have to go ever day!

Good luck teaching ur body.. mine never learned.

Anonymous said...