Friday, February 20, 2009


Ah the long-awaited list of random thoughts I have during the day. Most of the time the thoughts slip away before I remember to write them down, so I just caught the ones I could. I noticed that a lot of the time I have the thought "Gosh I'm so funny" or "haha, I'm hilarious" or any other version.

Here are the other thoughts I've been able to capture

I should keep track of all my random thoughts
That was so clever of me!
Can sticking your finger in your nose ever be funnier than then?
Whoa…I think I had a dream I met Jim Croce
Listening to cake! Hehe Let them listen to cake!
Banned from my vocabulary: “Sassy”
Kazoos sure are fun
I think my calligraphy teacher gives me less feedback because I’m auditing…
Pencils tend to elude me
How do you spell elude? illude? allude?
Why doesn’t February have a shorter name?
Snow is like money from the sky. Dave just has to shovel it up.
I want to run a marathon…I think…
If I save my “pennies” until I have $1000, I’m going to get a dog. I wonder how long that would take?
Why do poop and pb have the same consistency?


Anonymous said...


Smart Helm said...

Yup.. ur crazy.

Well, at least now u know :-)

GW said...

Well, you can allude to knowing how to spell the word, or just elude the whole issue.