Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Favorite Park take II

A few weeks after Mother's Day we went on another picnic to the same park. This time we came more prepared with food for the ducks, more food for ourselves, and a bike lock so we could wander a bit more without worrying about our bikes. Here are some pictures I took that time (5/26/13).
 This bird was just chilling by the play area. I got really close before it flew away. Some other kids got even closer to another one.
 My picnic buddies.
 Best way to eat a sandwich ever.
 Old, stale cheerios for the ducks. They weren't terribly hungry though.
 Dave climbing up the fire pole to go down the slide with Joshua. They had fun going down the slide then coming over to me to discharge their static on my knee. When it wouldn't work, Joshua would try touching my other knee to see if that one would work. :)
 Dave testing out more playground equipment.
 Joshua trying out the same equipment. He was not very amused.
There were some pretty wild irises (?) along the little stream that I took like 20 pictures of trying to get the focus right. The light was fading and there were a million things for the camera to focus on. Aren't they pretty though?

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