Thursday, June 6, 2013

Splash Pad Fun

There's a new splash pad in town and last Friday we went to check it out with our little play group:
Taking off to go check it out while it's off. Doesn't know the treat he's in for!
 It's really difficult to focus on little toddlers running around while there is water spraying up around them.
 Barely wet and already having a blast (and blasting out everyone's ear drums with one of his ear-piercing screams).
 Just look at that happy face! Do you think it was a hit?
Really getting into it. I'm really glad I got some water shoes this year for this and for the water park all summer. Hopefully it will save us from some slips and hot sidewalk burns. Now I just need to dig out the swimming suits to see if any fit so he doesn't have to keep wearing just normal shorts.

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