Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Sarah: Hi, I’d like a Steak Chalupa Supreme…ummm…a Cheesy Nachos, a Caramel Apple Empanada, and a medium soda please.

Taco Guy: Ok, that’ll be $16.xx at the second window.

Sarah: did I hear him right? Hmmm *drives to second window*

Taco Guy: That’ll be $16.xx

Sarah: Why is it more than $16?!

Taco Guy: Well, each Chalupa is $2

Sarah: But I only ordered one

Taco Guy: You said “Six Chalupa Supremes”

Sarah: No, I said “STEAK Chalupa Supreme”

Taco Guy: Oh…uh…hold on…That’s $6.xx


Mike + Mo said...

Gotta love Taco Bell

Carrie said...

my favorite...

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

Taco Bell does horrors to my insides...I can only imagine what 6 tacos would do

Tess said...

Once I was at the drive-thru for McDonalds for a chocolate ice cream cone. When I asked for it, she gave me the total and then I asked, "You do have chocolate, right?" "No, just vanilla." Well, then I don't want it!

Kevin + Marcy said...

I heart Taco Bell. Luh-huv their bean burritos. So how do you know Josh Guest? I know their family from when I lived in OR; they were in my stake and I hung out with his older brother a little bit. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

hahaha I have a love hate taco bell relationship....love the food but things hardly ever come out right due to the employees that work there. Annoying. LoL