Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pregnancy Update - Week 23

How far along: 23 weeks(on Sunday, August, 29th)

Total weight gain/loss: +8?? I weighed 150 at my first appointment (4 weeks), and then i got the flu and lost 7 lbs, which was more like my normal weight anyways. So from here on out, I'm just going off of 143 as my "starting weight."

Maternity clothes: yes! They’re so comfortable! I bought 2 pairs of pants and 5 shirts from H&M while we were in Walnut Creek, CA in July. I’m also hoping for some from Chelsea (?). I may invest in another pair of maternity pants I can wear to work soon, and maybe a skirt or two.

Stretch marks: still not any yet…knock on wood.

Sleep: I sleep like a rock. It’s been wonderful. Usually I’m a light sleeper. The down side is I don’t wake up when my bladder gets full, so it is EXTRA full in the morning and I have a stomach ache. I’ve still been able to sleep on my tummy-ish, which is how I’m most comfortable, but I still wake up on my back (with no covers on).

Best moment this week: We went to Boondocks Fun Center and I discovered that it’s still possible to ride go-carts, play mini golf, eat a ton of pizza, and ride bumper boats while pregnant. However, mini golf is a pain to lean down and put the ball on the “tee” and to pick it up out of the hole, and playing arcade D.D.R. is a LOT harder when you’re pregnant (not advisable).

Movement: yes! He doesn’t move a ton, but when he does, it’s just little twitches on my belly. He sometimes jerks awake and pushes out in all directions, and that’s probably the weirdest feeling yet. Dave has also gotten to feel a few kicks/punches, but the little guy isn’t a very reliable kicker.

Food cravings: still mostly fruit, although this past week or so I’ve been craving cereal often, but that just may be because it requires no cooking.

Aversions: still the same no meat (sometimes chicken or fish is ok) and no grease

Gender: BOY!

What I miss: not feeling like an invalid while trying to do chores around the house. I can’t lift things, I run out of energy fast, and I can’t do ANYTHING if it’s too hot!

Milestones: The only thing I can think of was last week I was 22 weeks on August 22nd. That was pretty cool.

Extra: I think I got a bladder infection this week, probably due to my sleeping habits (not waking up to pee), so I drank lots of cranberry juice. Then my right kidney area started hurting, so I called the doctor, and they said to make an appointment. Of course right then it stopped hurting. If it hurts again I’ll make an appointment. Otherwise I’ll just bring it up at my next appointment next week!

Past info: At my 20 week appointment, the doctor listened to the heartbeat (all normal), and measured my belly. I’m measuring a little bigger than average there, but the baby’s head was exactly the right size to be due on Christmas still. We’ll see how the next appointment goes on Sept. 3rd.


Cherisse said...

If you don't have any maternity pants that have the "Secret Fit" panel I would highly recommend getting some. To me they are to most comfortable!

Sean and Jennie said...

Yay baby Franz!

Clare said...

I worked while I was pregnant with Cami, and obviously I don't now, so I have a bunch of collared shirt and nicer pants that I almost never wore with Adam. With him I was all about big t-shirts. Not that you'll get around buying maternity work clothes, just thought I'd share that useless piece of information.

Mike + Mo said...

I'm sorry to hear that DDR is off the list of things you can do while pregnant.

Congrats on the movement... I can't wait for that....

brenna said...

Hurray! Sounds like things are going great!

Anonymous said...

Moving along nicely!! Got a big boy coming you think?? I bet he is going to be the best Christmas present ever lol