Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Annual Tahoe Trip Post 2

Our second day at Tahoe it was just my mom, Dave, and me. Just the right amount to take the boat out for a spin. So we got up, got our swimming suits on, and took off to the boat.

We decided to take Monkey with us to the boat. I was nervous she's get so scared she'd pee, but she did ok. She got used to the boat pretty quickly as long as it wasn't moving.

Since I couldn't ski, and my mom didn't want to ski a ton because the water was rough and she was unsure of her shoulder, Dave skied twice, my mom skied once, and we did a lot of sitting in the boat, just enjoying the day.

Here come the pictures:

Dave was the first to get in. The first dive into the lake is always the worst. I caught it on video, but he was pretty quiet and boring about the ice cold experience.

We found some new (used), wide, short, training skis in the garage, so Dave decided to give them a whirl.

He was able to get right up his second try and he stayed up quite a while! See him wayyyy out there?

There's a better, closer picture. He usually tries to get up on the wakeboard, too, but didn't want to this year since his back has been giving him problems.

Next my mom skied, but I didn't get many good pictures since she wasn't up long. (Trial run to see if her shoulder would hurt)

We were able to get a nice "family" picture before we put the boat on the buoy and headed home for lunch.

To be continued...


Emily Nice said...

Wow the water and skies are sooo blue. It does look cold though! hope you enjoyed your vacation...

Mike + Mo said...

I haven't been on a boat in forever! Looks like you guys had alot of fun...

Carrie said...

so jealous! i LOVE boats!