Thursday, August 26, 2010

Annual Tahoe Trip Post 4

Back at Lake Tahoe, I didn't go back out on the boat (Dave did). We spent more time on the beach than the last couple of years. By the time we got back to Tahoe from the Bay Area, Erik, Barbara, and kids had arrived. Chelsea and Kevin came that night, and Daniel got there the next evening.

One reason we had brought Monkey with us was to teach her how to swim. Fortunately dogs know how to swim by instinct, however not all dogs like it. Monkey didn't like swimming. She didn't mind the water, if it wasn't too rough, but she didn't like getting deep enough to where she had to swim. I got some nice bruises on my legs from her trying to climb up me to get out of the water (no pictures, sorry), so Dave took over trying to teach her.

We did find she LOVED being squirted with the squirt gun. I've got a great video of her trying to "catch" or "attack" the water. We'll see if I can get it uploaded.

Here are some pictures of us playing on the beach:

Penny was born to be a beach bum, even in her PJs

Rachel was in love with the sand - I bet she still has some stuck to her today

Dave tried to dig to China, while Monkey and I watched. I was a lot less uncomfortable than I look, but hey, you can see I have a belly!

I tried to make a sand castle with Monkey's help, but I gave up after one bucket.

Rachel and Justin loved being sprayed by Dave almost as much as Monkey did, but I think that Rachel had the "sneak" attack down.

Even Penny decided the water wasn't too cold. From which side do you think Penny gets her skin - the Fisher side...or the Christensen side? (Ok, Erik and I compared, and we were equally pasty...he had me beat on tanner arms though.)

Justin was braver about entering the water this year. Last year he was still pretty scared of the water.

Dave and I took the Kayak for its first spin on our last Morning there. We even paddled to where the boat was buoyed. Ok, ok, I admit, Dave did most of the paddling.

Rachel and Justin sure have a cool Uncle Daniel. He taxis them all around in the kayak (I stole this picture, it happened after Dave and I left)

And, uhhhh, here's a cool picture I took one evening under the pier - again, not as cool as it could have been

To be continued...


Mike + Mo said...

FUN! The pictures are great!

Cherisse said...

Looks really fun! I'm jealous you've gotten to meet penny lots of times. We haven't gotten the chance yet!

Carrie said...

how fun! you look so cute!

Smart Helm said...

This is the second post I've read today about water. I really need to get out to a lake. I have water envy!