Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Face update

Remember when I posted all that very interesting stuff about my face? Well, I've been keeping up pretty well with that routine. (Apricot Scrub in the morning shower, mary kay wash in the evening, MK day and night solution respectively, MK moisturizer)
Well, it hasn't been helping. I think a month is long enough to tell whether it will work. So, I got this idea from pinterest.
It goes against all my previous ideas on how to clean a face, but it makes sense. Oil disolving oil--heard that before. Also makes sense that your face would become dependent on moisturizers and produce more oil than necessary. It's like how your lips get dependent on chap stick. I bought some castor oil today and I already have tons of olive oil, so tonight will be my first oil cleansing experience. :)

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Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

Thanks for the link! I'm tempted to try it too...