Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's me again. I bet you thought I had forgotten all about blogging. Nope, I haven't. I just don't have much to blog about.

I stayed home on Friday because of a sore throat. I pretty much stayed in bed all day and hoped it would go away so I could still enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend.


Today I'm at home, sick, again. I should really say, "sick, still." The bathroom (bafrum) and I have become great friends lately for two reasons: 1) the reason I'm at home today instead of at work; 2) my new decorations came today while I'm at home today instead of at work!

Dave has been complaining about my color choice for our bathroom decorations, pretty much since I got them two years ago. He says, "Bathroom decorations should never include the colors 'poop'-brown or 'pee'-yellow." Ours are all "poop"-brown. Honestly, I was trying to branch out to new colors when I chose them. I'd decorate everything blue, if I could.

Here's what our closet-of-a-bathroom looked like at 1:17pm today:

Here's what it looked like at 1:35pm today:

I put more close-up pictures on Facebook, if you're interested.

I'll probably end up painting the room at some point, too. Dave put in an outlet about a year ago, and we still haven't finished mudding, etc. So the paint will come when that's done.


Mike + Mo said...

Where did you order from!? I want a looksie around!

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