Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life Re-boot

Lately this is how most of my days go:
Get woken up for Joshua (way too early for the time I went to bed the night before)
Stumble around bleary-eyed to get him and myself breakfast
Try to snooze on his bed while he plays with toys for a little while
Give up trying to snooze
Do random things around the house
Naptime for Joshua, sometimes naptime for me
Shower and get dressed for the day
Do random things until 3pm
Iron a shirt for Dave for work
Run some errands maybe
Maybe do something out in the front yard
Watch the clock tick slowly until 8
Get Joshua in bed
Relax, do a chore or two, maybe some work
Get distracted and end up on the internet for a few hours, probably watching Netflix
Go to bed way too late

You can see that it needs some change. I've decided to give my life a re-boot. Our house is a stinky, dusty mess, we're always grumpy, none of us eat well, Joshua gets whiny and throws more tantrums, and I try to bury myself in projects.
I did some brainstorming tonight and here is what I came up with:

Chores needing to be done regularly:
Hand dishes
Clean kitchen
Folding Laundry
Vacuum Hard Floors
Vacuum Carpets
Mop Kitchen
Mop Hardwood
Mop Bathroom
Clean Toilet
Clean Sink
Clean Shower
Empty Garbages/Recycling

Things needing to be added to life:
Chores regularly done
Study Scriptures
Walk dogs
Go to bed earlier
Limit fast-food intake
Scheduled meals

Things I'd like to do for a set amount of time daily (instead of long amounts of time sporadically):
Go through and organize stuff
Deep cleaning

Things I need to work on regularly but only weekly:
Getting pictures up at church

What I'm thinking is that I can set the chores to specific days and hold myself to getting them done that day. The only one that has been consistent is laundry. It has to be consistent because I only have 7 sets of underwear. Maybe I should hide half of our dishes so I have to do them more often...I can't think of ways to make the rest of the chores mandatory.
I'm going to pull out my large wall calendar tomorrow morning and schedule out the chores and put together a daily schedule. I'll post when I get it figured out.


Carlie said...

Sarah, I think my daily "non-routine" is pretty much exactly like yours. Maybe I need a re-boot too! And funny thing, about 2 years ago I was having a battle with my dishes and I did just what you suggested, I put 1/2 of them away. It actually worked well (then i could get them out if there was an emergency or company).

Cherisse said...

138I feel the same way! So much that needs to be that I just don't do all the time. I'm trying to get into better routine for myself and kids. You've given me an extra boost to keep things in order and try harder!