Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 City Services Fair

On Monday, our city had a free fair to showcase all the city services. There were firetrucks, fire demonstrations, fire hoses you could spray, police cars, an airplane, a helicopter, bucket trucks, little fishing games, candy, otter pops, and lots of open parking lot roped off for running around.
Joshua and I went and we had a blast! I thought it was going to be super crowded so I showed up right when it started and it was pretty empty. It stayed pretty empty probably because the weather looked like it would turn nasty, and it actually about 6. So we got a good 2 hours of play time in. Here are some pictures from the event (a select few...the rest are on my fb):
 Checking out the police booth. He was not a fan of McGruff the crime dog.
 Hat's off to you!
 Little Fireman Joshua
 Impressive fire department demonstration. Note the menacing skies in the background!
 Fireman Joshua on the firetruck
 Checking out the helicopter
 Looking at all the neat stuff in the helicopter
 Spraying some buckets painted with flames with the fire hose
 Pretending to fly an airplane together.
 Pilot and co-pilot...and best friends
 Ready to go up in the bucket truck!
 Up we go!
 Higher and Higher! (Don't worry, we definitely went all the way up, and I was clutching the side and Joshua very tightly...oh it was so high)
 Fireman friends!
More from the airplane. When he was by himself, he hated it, but with Henry, he loved it!

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Lisa~ said...

Maybe Joshua would like McGruff better if he could see him in a cute movie. (That dog's gotta build his fan base!) Maybe school kids know him better? I love the pictures. (I've heard that "Please prove you're not a robot," below is Google's way to get some things transcribed for free.)