Monday, September 10, 2012

Reboot Day 1

Last night Dave and I ended up sitting up talking until after midnight (1), and so 7am came sooner than hoped once we did fall asleep. But I kicked myself out of bed at 7am 7:15am ;) and got up to eat breakfast and read some scriptures. Then I went to the gym, leaving Joshua behind because he wasn't up yet, and Dave got a decent amount of sleep so he was ok getting up with him when he did get up (2)...which means I didn't get to do any dishes while he was eating breakfast...(3) I forgot we had a 9:00am appointment at our new house for a measurement and bid on the fence we need to put up for the dogs (4), so at the gym I only rode a stationary bike for 10 minutes, stretched for 10 minutes, and went home to shower (5). Then we headed to the new house for the appointment and fixed a few things and ran some errands until noon. I was starving, and so was Joshua, so I went home with Joshua, leaving  Dave at the house to finish fixing some things, and made lunch. Then Joshua was super cranky (he fell on his face down a cement stair at the house) so I put him down for his nap a little earlier than planned (6)...and I was exhausted, so I took a nap for half an hour an hour, too. After nap I folded laundry while Joshua played, made Dave some lunch, ironed Dave's shirt, packed Dave a dinner, skyped my parents, and folded some more laundry. Then, at 4pm, we headed over for a fun city fair at the mall with all the firetrucks, police cars, parks & recreation, utilities, etc. booths where we played for well over 2 hours! (time flew!) until it started thundering (glorious!) and and then raining. (Post to come on that when I get more pictures from a friend...)
We had dinner a little late (7), which I just grabbed out of the fridge (mac & cheese for Joshua, and I'm still not hungry yet...) (8). Then Joshua and I played for a while in his room, cleaned up his toys, changed his sheets (he drew on them with dry erase markers...bah!), and he went to bed. That brings us to now. I'm collecting myself after a long day, getting ready to finish up the last 2 hours strong.
If you're still there, props. So, if you noticed my counting, 8 things didn't really stick to my planned schedule, but I'm ok with it. It was the first attempt. I'm not going to get frustrated with everything not going as planned. It's the first week. I'm expecting it will take probably 2 weeks to get into the swing of things. The first week will be adjusting, and the second week will be practicing, and then hopefully the third week will make it into habit. I do like how this schedule is semi-flexible. With two or three big chunks of time during the day left open to be used as needed, it allows for things to "come up" without throwing off my whole day.
Well, in order for chores to go well, I need to do some chores from last week (laundry, ironing) and some chores from today (dishes, vacuuming, mopping), see this post if you're interested in my planned chores.


Jenny said...

Go Sarah!!!

Carlie said...

I think that was a great start!

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