Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Reboot Day 3/New House Stuff: PICTURES!

Ha! Today was a bust.
I couldn't sleep til after 1am this morning, and so when 7am rolled around I felt like I had been hit by a truck. I let Panda out (who woke me by wandering around and shaking her collar, who needs an alarm clock!?) and flopped back in bed until Joshua got up at 8. We watched Cars in bed for another hour or so, then eventually rolled out of bed, and got ready for the day. Ran a few errands, had lunch, did some business at the bank for like 2 hours, then went home for naptime.
There's something up with Joshua and naps. We put him down for a nap at 3pm and he played in his room for about 45 minutes, ended up falling asleep in the middle of the floor, and only slept for about half an hour. Boo. Hiss.
I only got half of one chore done today: Vacuuming carpets. I didn't even get to that til Joshua's bedtime. Luckily I already did the dusting chore yesterday. Tomorrow will be a better day!
On to house stuff:
There are 24 windows needing to be replaced. 2 need to be done more urgently (one is broken, one has a gap at the top between the glass and the frame).
Last week at an expo, I signed up for Sears to come and bid out new windows on our new, very old, house. (Did I mention it was built in 1898?)  Let me just say that their bid had 5 digits, and the first one wasn't a 1: $XX,XXX. Yikes...we could buy another house with that amount if we had it, which we don't.
Today Dave had another company come and do another bid on the windows, and I really liked it a lot better. It was literally 1/3 of the price Sears offered.
We're going to get references of previous jobs done by this company, and then get another bid by another company, possibly 2 more, just to be sure.
It's exciting to be looking into improvements like this for our very own house! It's definitely nerve wracking though. We need to look over our budget, but the salesman made some very valid points:

  • He offered to pay/waive the lead paint fee for the windows (close to $1000)
  • They offer 0% financing up to 4 years (we'd just do 2 years)
  • If we book it now, we could get it done before winter and save hugely on heating costs, not to mention not having to have gaping holes in our walls during the cold of winter
So what I'm thinking is that either we could save like $300ish/month for 2 years and do it then, all-the-while throwing most of our heating/cooling money out the window, literally. Or we could do it now and pay the $300ish/month with 0% interest to the company who does it...what do you think? 
Anyway, I have some pictures of the inside of the apartment we'll be living in. Do you want to see them!? Of course you do!
 Looking into the living room from the east porch. The front bathroom is to the left, the northeast and northwest bedrooms are to the right, the kitchen is straight through, the laundry room beyond that.
 Looking into the living room from the northeast bedroom/office. Why, yes, that is a gas fireplace, thermostat controlled with a fan. ;)
 Front bathroom with claw-foot tub.
 Other angle of front bathroom.
 Northeast bedroom/office from the living room. (Note: Joshua's head at bottom of picture)
 Northwest bedroom from living room.
 Southwest bedroom from laundry room.
 Laundry room. We have since put in a 220 line for the dryer and fixed the valves for the washer hookups (they were leaking).
 Laundry room from driveway. Back bathroom down little hallway to the left. Another outside door straight down hallway. I'll probably put a clothes line out that door between the two buildings. I'm so excited to have a clothes line!
 Back bathroom. Clawfoot tub, teeny toilet.
 Back bathroom, other angle. Tiny vanity, tiny mirror, tiny window.
 Southwest bedroom again, north half.
 Southwest bedroom again, south half.
 Dining area. Door leads to laundry room. Kitchen off to right. I forgot to take a picture of it because the tenants were cleaning it as I took pictures.
View of front door from living room.
So there it is...except the kitchen. I'll have to post that another time. We got it rented out for til December after a hullabaloo with the tenants we thought were staying til December bailing, not having a place to go, their moms calling me (oh the drama!), etc. and then we will move in in December! :)

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