Friday, September 14, 2012

Reboot Day 4

Despite yesterday's late start, we made it to the gym, got a few things done. Dave had a schedule change and ended up with the night off so we had dinner together, played with Joshua at the park.
I'm definitely still behind in my chores scheduled out for the week, but the house looks better already with the things I have been able to get done this week.
Tomorrow I'm having a quilt tying party to tie one of my quilts tomorrow, so I have to finish up with the chores I wasn't able to accomplish during the week. I'm thinking I need this kind of motivation regularly. Maybe have people over every other week, possibly every week?
Right, well, off to do more chores before Joshua wakes up! Update on today will be posted later tonight.


Lisa~ said...

You are my inspiration, SL! <3 (4 tries to "prove I'm not a robot," below...)

Lisa~ said...

How did the quilt tying go?