Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hot Water... a funny book written by P. G. Wodehouse. It is also something we currently don't have at our house right now.
Clarification: I mean our current residence, not our new house. Although if I were still talking about the book, it is at neither. Clear as mud?
Thursday there was plenty of hot water. So hot I almost scalded my hands. Friday morning the best we could get was room-temperature water. So I went down and turned the water heater up. Hours later, still no hot water.
Turns out the water heater needed to be replaced. By then it was Friday evening and the plumber requested we do it Saturday (today) morning since it had been a long day for them.
First thing this morning, they came and replaced the water heater. I waited half an hour and turned on the hot water...and water.
I found the plumber investigating stuff outside still and turns out that when the hot water is turned on, the downstairs kitchen floods. Awesome.
So, I showered at the neighbor's house because we wont have any hot water til at least Monday.
All in all, this is our first major problem after living here for 4 years. Not too shabby for how old the house is (abt. 90 years).
If you see me at church tomorrow and I you know why. ;)

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Carrie said...

it's okay. showers are overrated.