Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reboot Day 2

Joshua had his first day at the gym child care, and he did great! I had my first shower at the gym and I forgot my face lotion and my deodorant and my flip flops (ew stinky-armpit-Sarah walking around on slimy floors!). But, we made it, I worked out, we ran errands, and then went home for lunch.
Then...bum bum bummmmmmm...
It was nap time. Joshua was cranky and tired. I was getting there, too. So I put Joshua down for a nap, then went to lie down, myself, for a half an hour before getting up to do chores while Joshua was still sleeping. That's what my schedule says to do, and that was the plan. Apparently Joshua is against the schedule and the plan, because he ended up just playing in his room for an hour...not napping! I luckily drifted off a little bit, so I eventually got him up and did chores with him awake. Of course that means everything took a lot longer to do, but I got the kitchen and living areas vacuumed and mopped, and DUSTED! Oh man, our piano looks so much better without crap piled all over it and covered in dust.
Ok, dusting wasn't supposed to happen until tomorrow, but it was just so much easier to do it as I vacuumed. I'd just switch attachments when I got to an area needing it. (Note: To my parents and Chelsea, currently grimacing over me using the vacuum attachment to dust the piano...I didn't...I used a swiffer sweeper pad towel thing...To Alex: the piano misses you)
I've been scribbling all over the chore chart I made, and next week there will be some rearrangements (like I won't have "trash to curb" on Tuesday, because I need to put it out there Monday evening because our garbage pickup is at like 6am Tuesday...durrrr). I'll post about all the rearrangements later in the week when I get it all figured out.
Then, after dinner, we went and played outside. I mean, I shoveled dirt into the wheel barrow, while Joshua ran around like crazy.
I discovered THE best time to clean the bathroom: During bathtime! I cleaned the toilet today during Joshua's bath, and it didn't matter that he was sloshing water everywhere, because I was, too. I'm a big fan of this. Huge fan...give it a try.
And...now I'm late for bedtime. Goodnight!!!


Ike and April said...

Great inspiration for me to have a better schedule. I am kind of in a "still wearing pajamas at 1pm because I can't find time to shower and get myself cleaned up before kids wake up..." slump. Really like the cleaning bathroom while kid is bathing idea. I know I will try it!

Lydia said...

Love it. You're doing awesome!! Keep it Up =)