Monday, November 3, 2008


We withdrew our offer on the house. Although it was a cute little house with an amazing yard, we changed our minds. Dave knows more of the specifics, but the inspector we had look at it told us that it would be a lot more work than we had originally thought. We also found out that the basement wouldn't ever be able to be legally rented out. The ceilings were too short.

Our ward is really happy that we're not leaving yet, though. Everyone was much more excited when we told them we weren't moving than when we told them that we were moving. Imagine that?! They actually like us! My beehives were all really excited. They're so cute. Honestly, I was really not looking forward to leaving them. They're my little buddies in the ward.

Our rental contract is up at the end of the year, so we will be moving then, if we can't sell our contract earlier. Two months is a lot more doable than two days when it comes to packing. We've started packing things we don't use very often, like books, and random stuff.

One of these days I hope to find the cord to my camera. I have so many fun pictures to share! Until then, I suppose I will just have to describe all the cool things that happen.

In October we found two huge black widows in our house. I think they were just trying to celebrate Halloween, so we threw a stompin' party for them! Actually, one of them Dave tried to kill with a stick of some sort, but it didn't die, so he picked it up w/ pliars, and dunked it in the toilet. It curled up like it was dead, but I knew better, so we poured some bleach in the water, and then it really was dead. Dave's mom is collecting bugs for a bug collection at her elementary school, so we put it in an empty prescription bottle to take to her. I looked at it a few days later and noticed that the bleach was kinda dissolving it, so I told Dave. A few days later, I was packing up the books in the bookshelf that the pill bottle was stored in. I happened to knock the bottle over, and to my surprise, the bottle was inverted and cap-less, so I was staring nose to nose with a giant black widow! I may or may not have jumped a tiny bit.

For Halloween I dressed up as a lady bug and Dave dressed up as the 7 dwarves' long lost brother "Boring". Aka: he didn't have a costume, but claimed he did. It was a fun weekend. We watched Hokus Pokus on Halloween at Nate and Jodee's house, and I got to hold little baby savage. Chelsea made delicious carrot cookies, for which I think she should make the recipe public knowledge. On Saturday I read Fabelhaven basically the whole day (the second half of the first book and the whole second book). It's a cute fantasy book, definitely a good easy read. I would have read the second book faster, but I was listening to the game while reading, so I got a little distracted every once in a while.


Melisa said...

Congrats on the not move. ;)

Okay. I think that whole spider thing is a nightmare. I hate spiders with a passion. UGH UGH UGH!

Smart Helm said...

Yuck.. I shore don't like spiders!
I'm sorry about the house... but if that is what you wanted, ya for u!
I liked Fablehaven as well.. its always fun to find good books (did u know there are 3 books out?) in the Young Adult section cuz u know there isn't anything nasty in them!