Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chelsea Made Me Do It...

  1. 8 TV shows I watch
  2. We don't have TV, Cable, or Dish, because neither of us are home often enough to make it worth it, and when we are home, we don't want to get distracted by the television, however, I do like several shows that you can watch online the day after it airs, or whenever:

    1. Chuck
      • About a nerd that has all the government secrets in his head, and so has two agents in his life to protect him, and go after any bad guys he sees. Quite hillarious
    2. Pushing Daisies
      • About a guy who can raise the dead for a minute, and does so to solve murders. Very artistic cinemetography and is narrated by the guy who reads Harry Potter for Book on Tape.
    3. Life on Mars
      • About a police detective that gets hit by a car and gets sent back to 1973. Just started watching it, but so far so good. Some liberal hippy stuff in it.
    4. The Office
      • Classic funny awesome
    5. House
      • I love the mystery of each disease, but they lose me when they use medical terms.
    6. Smallville
      • I got Dave addicted to it, so we're watching Season 1, which I have on DVD, and then Netflix will be our best friend for the following Seasons.
    7. Friends
      • Have you seen the one where...
    8. Top Gear
      • Funny British car show. Don't have to know anything about cars for it to still be funny, especially when they have special challenges. Seeing how I have Erik for a brother and Dave for a husband, I know a bit about cars. Top gear just enhances that
    9. Scrubs
      • Oh whoops, I was supposed to just do 8.

  3. 8 Favorite Restaurants
  4. My favorites are fad-like in nature, as are my food choices for home eating.

    1. Cafe Rio - Pork burrito, black beans, hot sauce, enchilada style
    2. Taco Bell - nachos, steak gordita supreme, tostada, carmel apple empenada, steak quesadilla
    3. Carl's Jr. - Fish Sandwich w/ Mayo instead of Tartar Sauce
    4. Olive Garden - Their salad is amazing, as well as their breadsticks, not economically worth it w/o an entree though
    5. Asian Buffet - cheap sushi and a selection of ok chinese dishes
    6. Applebees - their appetizers are half off after 9
    7. Tucanos - The garlic steak or whatever is delicious, as well as those little cheese bread dots
    8. Chili Works - does that count as a restaurant? Sausage red cheese

  5. 8 Things that Happened Yesterday
  6. Happened implies that they autonomously did it on their own, but not much of that nature occured yesterday; most of it I facilitated.

    1. I went to work, almost on time yay for DST
    2. Staff Meeting at 11, gets me through my Monday
    3. I drove home after work, and it was dark! darn DST and rain clouds
    4. I cooked dinner!!!, not an regular occurance (see next post for easy recipe)
    5. I did two loads of laundry, lights and darks
    6. I did a load of dishes, loaded and pushed the start button, I heart dishwashers
    7. We watched an episode of Smallville
    8. We went to bed early, but kept awake late by the upstairs dog jumping on and off their bed: "squeek, thump thump thump, squeek, etc."

  7. 8 Things I’m looking forward to
  8. Some near future, some more distant

    1. Finding out who is president
    2. Thanksgiving - esp. food (only 23 more days!)
    3. YW tonight, we're having an ettiquete night, I get to show off my awesome dishes
    4. Living somewhere cheaper and closer
    5. Not having to work all day every day
    6. Taking clogging again next semester
    7. Living outside of Utah
    8. 2 words: Pink Cadillac

  9. 8 Things on my Wish List
  10. n.b: My birthday is in September, and Christmas is approaching quickly ;)

    • A dog
    • More cute shoes: Black boots, Galoshes, brown church shoes, more pumas, etc.
    • More Time/Day
    • Klimt paintings (prints would do, I'm not sure the actual paintings are for sale, preferably sans nudity)
    • Next year's wall calendar
    • Books: The next Fabelhaven book (#3, paperback), the Eragon trilogy box set (hard cover), Harry Potter Box set (hard cover)
    • Tongs
    • A 3 week trip to Vienna

  11. 8 Things I Love
    1. Dave
    2. Summer
    3. Vienna
    4. German
    5. Blue
    6. My Cinnamint lip gloss from B&BWorks
    7. Shoes
    8. Down comforters

  12. 8 Things I Can’t Stand
    1. Clutter/Junk
    2. SPIDERS
    3. un glazed ceramic (must be glossy or hibijibis ensue)
    4. A dirty kitchen
    5. Hardwood floors upstairs
    6. Licorice
    7. Slow people in the fast lane, esp if I'm in the BMW. In the honda I don't notice that much, cuz I stay in the slow lane because I'm slow, imagine that!
    8. Slow days at work

  13. 8 People I’m Tagging
  14. You MUST do this!

    • Dave (yes you, Dave, you never post anything!)
    • Tess
    • Melisa (when you get time, no pressure)
    • Danielle
    • Candace
    • Lisa (maybe you'll actually post something for a change) ;)
    • Carrie
    • Brianne
    • Anyone else who made it to the bottom of this long list of 8's

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