Thursday, November 20, 2008


A week or two ago, I made pumpkin bars. This was quite an involved process.

First I took a pumpkin from my garden (really the only one that didn't rot and was mostly orange). I cut it into wedges and scraped out the seeds to save for next years' pumpkin patch. Then I cut those wedges into three smaller pieces, and put them in baking pans sealed off w/ aluminum foil and baked them for an hour at 350. Then, when they were cooled a bit, I peeled off the skins (came off as easy as wrapping paper on Christmas morning!). Then, I put the chunks in the blender, but they didn't blend too well, so I got out our food processor and put them in a few pieces at a time from the blender. Once I had a bowl of pumpkin mush, I tried pushing the water out in a strainer, but the pumpkin liked going through the holes too. So I dug around for the cheese cloth and put the goo into the cheese cloth and sqwoze until it was sufficiently water-less. Then I put it in a measuring cup to see how much pumpkin I had (about 1 cup). Note the dishes dirty at this point: Blender, food processor, at least 2 bowls, strainer, a scraper and a few spoons, 2 baking pans, and a measuring cup.

By that time I was kinda sick of dealing with pumpkin, so those dishes stayed dirty for a few days. A few days later, I made delicious pumpkin bars w/ chocolate chips. Then a few days later I made cream cheese frosting to go on top. Then I brought them to Kevin and Chelsea's house and forgot them there for a few days. Today I have some of those delicious bars in my lunch. Who knew pumpkin could go so far? It's been like 2 weeks, and there are still some left.


Melisa said...

You are amazing. I'm too lazy to even make it with a can of pumpkin. ;)

Smart Helm said...

I am impressed.