Friday, November 28, 2008

Backwards tiny pictures

So today is "Black Friday" and Dave finally let me put up the Christmas tree, since Thanksgiving has come and gone. (Why, do you ask, is this post called "Backwards..."? Because I'm posting about Christmas decorating before I post about Thanksgiving, duh.)

We bought a 6.5' pre-lit fake Christmas tree and some tinsel garlands from Wal-Mart and a big box of non-shatter ornaments from Costco. All in all we have a whole Christmas tree and trimmings for about $70. We're missing the star for the top though, any ideas about what to do for a star? Since my usb cord for my camera, I took a couple pictures with my cell phone camera (hence, "...tiny pictures"):

Don't tell, but the top half has gold tinsel garland and the bottom half has red. I also only put the ornaments on the front half that actually shows, so it looks oh so pretty.

I love how christmas trees look at night. So sparkly and pretty.

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Smart Helm said...

Ya for Christmas... 3 weeks are definitely not long enough to enjoy the season.
I think in my world I'm going to have a bit of space between the holidays.