Friday, November 14, 2008

More thoughts about Mono

I had so many more things to write about mono, but somehow, I got tired or something and forgot. I think it's rather ironic that my freshman year in high school all my friends got mono because we'd buy a 3 liter mountain dew and share it at lunch time or topper time or whatever time it was. Of course freshman year of high school is the optimal time to miss a month of school because at that age THAT'S AWESOME! However, now, I'm done with school, and I have to work to pay bills, and this week I used up all my sick hours, so if I am to miss any more work, it'll cut into my vacation hours, and after that, they go to unpaid hours. Now that would not be "AWESOME". See the irony?

Anyway, I think it's also making me loopy. Or that could be the anti-inflamitories and extra strength tylenol I'm taking. Either way, here's Dave's philosophy on the disease: "If two people have mono, do they call it stereo?"


Smart Helm said...

I'm so sorry u are ill! That is aweful. I always thought having Mono as an excuse would be great for not excersizing, but if it makes it hard to go to work... I could see how that is rather difficult.

It must be a virus, right? Otherwise u'd think they'd have come up with a cure.

The word verification ends with MSH. Its a sign... I was meant to leave this note.

Tess said...

Oh no! That stinks! Kevin got mono when we were engaged, did I tell you that? Yeah, sad times. And we laughed at Dave's stereo comment. He's a funny one.