Monday, November 17, 2008


Today I slept in til 12:30pm. Ok, so I oriiginally woke up around 7:30 or 8 like I usually do, kicked Dave out of bed, then slept on and off until 12:30. Today I also used up my last 4 hours of vacation time...but I made it in to work at 1:30 and stayed until 5:30. That's 4 whole hours at work! Good thing I have a desk job and all I really have to do is sit there. My task list is HUGE which is awesome, because I won't run out of things to do. Turns out though that the network was having problems, so I didn't have access to the drives I needed for a lot of my tasks. Figures. Time passed rather quickly though, and I even had two visitors: Dave brought me taco bell, and Chelsea brought me back my pirate chest and pumpkin bars (which I will post about).

I got home and I feel as though I had a full day at the office rather than a half day. Maybe tomorrow I can last longer with a nap in the middle. Too bad the couches from our previous office didn't make it over to our new place. Oh, and I've also developed a cough, so now I'm sharing my germs with the world. Anyone want some? ;)

Ps: I'm not bitter, I'm actually trying to make jokes...are they funny at all, or do they sound bitter? I'm trying out that philosophy of laughter's the best medicine.


Melisa said...

Hmmmm, do I want mono germs? Let me think about it...

(tick tock tick tock tick tock)

I'm going to go with 'HECK NO!'


And that is my hapless attempt at a joke. :)

Smart Helm said...

Good luck my dear!

And that is my joke of the day.

The word verification is jigen... perhaps if u just get ur jigen on everything will be better?
Not so much.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!