Tuesday, February 2, 2010


On Sunday we celebrated Dave's sister's 22nd birthday. Her party was hosted at her in-laws' trailer park clubhouse. Dave played with all the kids while we were waiting for people to arrive, and the food to cook. They chased him all around the park, and clung to him when they caught him. Here are some fun pictures:

Notice in this one, Hannah is floating!

Ceightie's (Dave's sister) husband's grandma and mom made delicious home-made Mexican food. It. Was. De. Lish. Ous. I ate an over-full burrito, and a well-topped tostada, as well as many pieces of steak and green chili sauce. YUM! We were all super stuffed. The chili was exceptionally good. I'll be going to Mexican grocery stores from now on to buy mine, since the stuff in Smith's is hardly worth buying.

I knew that eating so much food like that wouldn't make my tummy very happy, but it did so much more than that. I woke up in the middle of the night so drenched in sweat I had to change my clothes. Apparently that happens when one eats a lot of meat at night. It has happened to me before, but I never "collect[ed] the dots." The rest of the night I tossed and turned as my digestive system told me exactly how angry it was at me.

Needless to say I stayed home from work yesterday. I watched 3 episodes of Heroes, 3 ½ movies, and 1 episode of Chuck. I'm back at work today, but I'm still only eating pancakes and juice. I'm considering becoming a vegetarian after that experience.

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Emily Nice said...

I've been meaning to stop by a mexican store to check out if they have posole. I've been really wanting some. Your post made me hungry, even with the meat belly problems.

In answer to your comment, yes, go out and dig up a carrot or two for dinner. They are extra sweet and tasty, and sometimes are gynormous. Right now is perfect because most of the snow will be gone and the carrot should come up pretty easily. I just pull what I want for that meal as they keep better in the ground. Just pick them all before spring truely arrives because then they won't be so sweet. sorry for the long comment, but I really love winter carrots!