Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project Update #1

I went back to the fabric store yesterday after running a few errands. (Poor Dave got dragged along with me and I'm pretty sure was bored out of his mind. That's what I call quality time together!) Turns out the fabric store is having another sale for 40% off instead of 50% off. The fabric I want is about $18/yard on sale. I started trying to measure the first couch yesterday. It sure is confusing. I've figured out how the fabric for the couch back is attached, but the arms and the front are going to be a little more difficult. I also started disassembling the fabric starting where the big rips are. There are a LOT of staples. Dave says there's a special tool to remove staples. I tried to get them out by using the back of a hammer and pliers. I didn't succeed. We may need to borrow that tool from someone.

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Chelsea said...

Eek, it will probably cost more to reupholster the couches than it was to buy them in the first place. I love the colors you chose, though!