Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wet + Cold = Frozen

(See to-do list in previous post.) Last Friday (1/16/09) I brought home a mug from work to clean it. Unbeknownst to me, I hadn't finished the milk that was originally in it on Wednesday. I put it in the cup-holder on the side of my bag (my awesome new free Mary Kay bag), and toted it with me to the car. In the car, I threw my bag into the passenger side seat, as always. When I got out at the grocery store on my way home, I noticed the brownish-white goo streaming down the seat. Yes, I had spilled rotten chocolate milk on my passenger seat. Because I had had the fortunate experience to have been on a car trip with milk spilled in the back of one borrowed van when I was little, I knew I was in trouble.

Monday I got around to delivering the packing boxes to Chelsea and Kevin's house, cleaning out the rest of the accumulated junk into our house, and taking the car to Super Sonic. There I had the seats shampooed (they even vacuumed the floors, even though they said they wouldn't!). I drove home sitting on the little plastic covers they give you for the seats, with the heater blazing as instructed, but I don't think it was even a mile away. Hoping to avoid a catastrophe I rolled each window down an inch as I got out.

Alas! Catastrophe not avoided! This morning, I was running late for work, as usual, and I went out to start the car. Yes, all of the windows had frost all over them, inside and out. So I started the car, turned on both defrosts, ran back in to cream-cheese my bagel, and bundled up in winter gear. Then I went to town on the windows. The outside was easy to scrape because it's dry Utah and not much accumulated from the air. The inside, however, was a different story. The scrapers for windows are meant to scrape convex windows, not concave, so little by little I scraped the thick soapy smelling frost off the inside.

What I also forgot to think about was that the 32 degree or lower frozen seats were definitely colder than my 98.5-something degree posterior. By the time I got to work, the whole backside of me was damp and cold, despite the thick wool coat I had on.

I realize that sometime it seems I only write about horrid situations, but honestly, I try to write so that everyone will see the humor in them that I see. Is that not just a funny catastrophe?


Smart Helm said...

I thought it was very funny!

So typical of how situations escalate just because its life.

Its also nice to know others have the same problem of thinking before acting like I do! :-)

Danielle said...

I thought it was funny! I was wondering how you used the window scraper on the inside. That would take forever!! It would be freezing!! I guess anything under 65 is freezing to me though.

Melisa said...

I'm stressed just reading that! What a mess!