Monday, January 26, 2009

Internet Beans

You know how we're supposed to have food storage? I was considering what to make for dinner tonight from our pantry so we don't have to spend any money on groceries. We also have a plethora of stuff in the fridge. (Some of which needs to be thrown out before it walks out on its own.) I decided I'm going to make a salad w/ the lettuce and spinach in the fridge before it goes bad. I'm going to also add some red beans and rice mixes that we have in the pantry, corn, and some sort of dressing--haven't gotten that far yet. I started thinking about beans. We have a huge bag of Anasazi beans sitting on the floor of the pantry and I don't really know many recipes to make with beans besides bean soup.

I found THIS wonderful site about beans. Who ever knew there was so much to know about cooking beans. There are even tips on how to make them less gassy! I think the best way for this altitude is sprout them, rinse them, get rid of the crappy ones, boil them for 5 min, soak them over-night, switch water, then cook them for several hours. And I'm only about half-way through reading the article about it.

I hope that with whatever causes us to use our 1 year food storage we still have the internet. I think that a lot of people (me included) will have difficulty cooking their food storage without help from sites like that one. Sometimes I wonder if this recession is one of the reasons for food storage.


Melisa said...

I don't have the patience to cook with beans. :)

Fish Fam said...

Could I get your address, so I can send you a thank you card. Thanks Cherisse.