Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Catch up

So, this is why journals never last for me, I miss a few days, maybe even important days, like Christmas and new years, and before I feel like I can write about today, I want to make sure to cover what I did back on those other days, so i never get around to catching up and it becomes abandoned.

News flash, this is not a journal, so I'm not going back and catching up. Tough luck!

So it snowed all day Monday AND Tuesday. Not thick heavy packable snow. More like the kind of snow where if there's a gust of wind, all 2 feet of it will be gone into the air. It is a very dry snow, where even if there's just a slight dusting on the roads, cars slip and slide every which way, especially if they have bald tires.

My car, a 1991 Honda Civic, hates the cold. On Monday it wouldn't start until we hooked it up to the BMW via jumper cables and stomped on the gas quite a few times. Then, I got to work in the dark hours in the morning, and the darn key wouldn't come out of the ignition. So I left it in, and don't tell, but I left a door unlocked too. When the key is stuck, the car is also stuck in park, fyi. So it wasn't going anywhere. Then I went home for my lunch break, and the skies started dusting the roads with that horrible slippery stuff. I almost slid into about 3 people on my way back to work. But I did some hand-wash dishes while on my lunch break! :) (our dishwasher leaks and doesn't clean very well...we're working on getting it replaced) After work, the slippery white stuff was everywhere, coming down thick, but still dry and fluffy. So all the way home I didn't push the accelerator, just let the car drive its own speed, and I wasn't the slowest one out. I got stuck in traffic on 7th and all of a sudden, my car turns off! It didn't even have enough juice to turn on the flashers. Luckily, someone jumped the battery and I made it the 2 blocks home. Synopsis: The Reverse/Park Switch is going out, so it doesn't recognize it's in park, thus not allowing the key to come out or for one to shift out of park. The battery is on it's last life and thus hates the alternator, or maybe the alternator hates the battery. Either way.

We just replaced the alternator on the BMW. Why is it that cars don't just keep working?


Lisa~ said...

I've just learned that if you don't comment on people's blog, they never know if anyone has read it, so here goes.
When you get some stitches out at the doctor's office, ask if you can keep those tweezers instead of throwing them out. They are GREAT for pulling stuff out of your dishwasher's sprayer holes, like the stickers that come on apples. How would they get in there anyway?? It's a mystery.
Sounds like your Civic is overdue for a visit to Dr. Erik! :D

The Boss woMAN said...

we've run vinegar and CLR through our dishwasher to get all the water deposits off...and it still leaks and doesn't clean well...oh well.
yeah, we're trying to figure out if we can get it done for free first though :) free = awesome!

The Boss woMAN said... i go posting on my own blog w/ a different blogger id...what a weirdo

Smart Helm said...

I miss snow!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Tess said...

I totally can relate with the whole catch-up game and am glad that you just threw caution to the wind! Yeah...the snow can definitely leave now. Please.