Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things that go "Bump" or "Honk" or "Rumble" in the Night

Confession: I am a very light sleeper, and it is very annoying.

At our old house, the only thing that would keep me awake were the upstairs neighbors clomping around. At our new place, there have been very odd sounds.

Granted, it is an old house, so it creaks and snaps even when no one is there. The other night as I was trying to fall asleep there were suddenly geese outside our window. The kind of geese that fly over in fall and spring. It was the strangest thing. It had to be geese, but it could have been someone's car with a weird engine problem. Then, this morning very very early the garbage truck came and idled outside our window for about 30 minutes. I think they were testing their brakes because it sounded like, "brubblbublbullbubbblbublbbbbbubbbbubbbbb stsssssst! Brublblelbbbblelblllublbbbbbbbbb Sssssttttsssssss clank brubbbllellbbbbubbbrubbblbbbb."

Then yesterday there was a firetruck and an ambulance right in front of our house. Of course, it was late evening, but I'll still consider it as a night sound. And then there's always Dave's sleep talking, stealing my covers and laughing, and shaking me awake (yes, still in his sleep).


Matt said...

You should keep a journal of his sleep talk. My sister-in-law writes down the things my brother says and posts it on their bulletin board. It's hilarious.

GooberDiva13 said...

i should! but usually i'm too asleep to wake up enough to write it down. this morning he said "It's the heater vent!"

Smart Helm said...

Then there are the hispanic kids that rumble through the neighbor hood with their dumb bass turned up to the max... AT THREE IN THE MORNING!

Good luck with the sleeping thing. Perhaps u'll get used to it? We can always hope!

Melisa said...

I'm a light sleeper too. One cough, and I hear it. No wonder I'm always tired.

Dinan M5 said...

My wife hates me...why else would she do this to me? I don't go posting about her "interesting/uniqueisms"...although...she started it...muhahhaha