Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Presents in January!

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely LOVE shoes!

With my Christmas money this year, I decided to buy myself a pair of really good winter boots, since I do live in a state where it snows.

So I've been shopping around online and in stores. I don't really like the "Ugg" boots because they're just really plain and look like the inserts that are supposed to come out of boots. One day I get this advertisement email from that mentions shoes, so I clicked on the link. Instead of getting one pair of nice boots, I'm getting 3!

Steve Madden Bonanza Green Suede. These are about half as much online as in the stores, plus they didn't have this beautiful green color in the stores either. But I did go into Nordstrom and try them on, just to make sure they felt good :) These should arrive early next week. Downside: probably not very warm, not waterproof, and slippery.

These, ok, I'll admit, look kinda like "Ugg" boots, but, I like them because they have the fluffy white trim. We'll see if I keep them. I'm kinda on the fence, but optimistic that I'll like them when they arrive...They should be waiting for me when I get home. And oh look! They have traction!

Now these...oh man...are my favorite of the three, I hope. There is a better picture on the site I ordered from (, but it's in a flash object, and I can't figure out how to save just the image to my computer in order to post it here. They've got the croc shoe with their patented rubber type material, and then a warm upper part. I don't like crocs by themselves, but with the boot, they are really appealing. I just got a text from Alex saying that the boots have arrived, so I'm going home to get them! :D

Oh, and the best part: free shipping! and free return shipping!


Lisa~ said...

Any idea how you're going to keep that bright, white trim clean on the middle pair of boots?

GooberDiva13 said...

I'm going to not step in mud :D

Melisa said...

So glad you said 'hi!' Yours was one of the newer blogs I had and therefore, lost in the great Laptop Crash of '09.

Enjoy your new boots! I love the first pair!!!