Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Update

Sorry, this won't be as witty as SNL Weekend Update.

I was slash am indeed sore from walking. Not as bad as I thought though. Mostly just my shins and calves. Not enough to cause persistent whining. (Key word: persistent)

I'm beginning to appreciate 1 o'clock church even though it makes the day so much shorter because for some reason we always sleep in until 11. I get to make delicious stuff for breakfast on Sundays, because there is actually time. Yesterday I made french toast using our remaining eggs and stale bread that's been in the fridge for weeks. Delicious. I ate it this morning too. So we walked to church on Sunday in the rain slush stuff. It was lots of fun and it reminded me of when I was little because I wore my boots to church, and changed into my heels when I got there. Then when we got home from eating dinner at Dave's parents' house I borrowed the neighbors snow shovel and shoveled our walkways, the basement tenants' driveway, and part of the neighbor's driveway for my daily exercise. It was a lot of fun but my fingers hurt when I got back inside. I'm considering investing in a snow shovel so we don't have to keep borrowing the neighbors'.

I don't know what I'll do today for exercise. I could go on a walk again, and I guess it's supposed to keep snowing, But I'm open to other productive exercise ideas.


Chelsea said...

I know!! You could come borrow MY snow shovel and shovel our driveway, dirt road, and sidewalks. It's soooo fun, you'll have to battle Kevin for the opportunity.
And you could come take Toby on a walk. That's a good upper-body workout too!

Smart Helm said...

Good luck with the excersize thing. Most things are so BORING.

I still am on the fence about afternoon church. Some good things, some bad.

WV - "bikinama" You could become a biking mama!

Tess said...

Do you like basketball? My ward has a women's team and we play on Thursdays. We need more players if you're interested! And don't worry if you're not any good, they still let me play and I'm horrible! But it's fun to get out and be more active. (I can totally relate to the desk job thing.)