Saturday, October 29, 2011

Copy Cat

Joshua has entered his copy-cat stage and it is so cute! He has picked up a few tricks and will do them when someone else does them...sometimes...and usually well after the fact. It is still fun.

He can:
Wave (Two different ways. Waving his whole arm with open hand and opening and closing his hand. He usually does both hands at once but sometimes only one.)
Sniff with his nose
Click his tongue
Make a popping noise with his lips
Make raspberry noises with his lips
Fake laugh

In St. George last week we would watch shows like The Price is Right and when all the people would clap, Joshua would clap. If we watched a show with a laugh track, he would laugh loudly, too.

Speaking of copying, I just yawned and he looked over and opened his mouth wide, too. I'm glad he is so stinkin' cute!

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Shelley said...

Love it! That must make life with him so entertaining!