Monday, October 3, 2011

Yard Sale

Last week I tried to go through my whole house and purge all my junk. Well, I did some, but I didn't do my whole house. Remember how I posted that I was going to finish up the living room by doing the magazines? Well, I never got to that.
The next day (Tuesday?) I was cleaning my kitchen and decided to attack it. So I went through every cupboard and got out all the things I never use (e.g.: lime press, tiny frying pan, old frying pan, extra turkey baster (who needs 2!?), extra knives not matching set, old water bottles) and put them in a box. I also cleaned off and around the microwave, which is my "hot spot" in the kitchen. I put all the baby bottles, sippy cups, garbage, pots (for flowers), etc. away or in the yard sale pile that was accumulating. I even cleaned off the toaster and toaster oven! My kitchen is so clean now! :)
Last time I posted, I had decided to postpone my yard sale because of General Conference. I later realized that I have plans for this Saturday that I can't postpone or multitask. On Friday, I decided to go for it, so I bought some poster board for signs and put them up. I had to have a yard sale now that the signs were up. (I put the signs up on the busiest streets at 5pm - Friday evening traffic and game day traffic! Win!)
After Joshua was in bed, I gathered up all my thrift store and yard sale stuff, labeled it all, told my neighbor/sister-in-law about the yard sale and invited them to sell stuff, too, and got to bed by 2am! I thought I was going to take all night. At 7am I got up, set everything set up, and sold stuff all morning!
I have some great stories about people offering $2 for $100-never-been-worn-leather-reeboks (seriously!?) and other things. I never realized how cheap yard sailors are. I didn't sell as much stuff as I had wanted, but I made more than $200!
I'm thinking I'll have more yard sales next summer!
As for this year, I still have a ton of stuff that I'd like to get some $$$ for if possible, so we're going to have another yard sale in two weeks, weather permitting. I still have a whole storage room of stuff that I need to sell (the people that lived in the apartment below us left all their stuff and owed us money...long story, not for this post.)


Christin said...

Nice! John said it was going well - I wanted to come by, but was immersed in grading (does this sound familiar?) I'll come by your next one, baby permitting. The cake was delicious, by the way.

Natalie said...

I love cleaning out junk! Glad the yard sale went well despite of the cheepy people.