Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crazy Neighborhood Take 2

Remember in August, 2009 I posted about the crazy drunk lady that came to our door, and the police came, and there was all that excitement?
The previous February there was a fire across the street from us.
We have paramedics on our street on average about every other month or so. We have some neighbors that have some serious health problems. I can't imagine what their medical bills are like.
A while ago someone tried to rob the grocery store up the street and was shot by police.
A few months ago my brother-in-law wrecked his bike up the street on his way home from work, so we had flashing lights for that.
Yesterday morning there were fire trucks at the fabric store on the corner near our house and the alarm was going off.
Honestly, it gets hard to keep track of all the times law enforcement, fire fighters, and paramedics come to our street.
Last night we were coming home from the grocery store and saw flashing lights down the street. We took in the groceries and then decided to walk down the street. As we got closer we could see there were a LOT of police cars, and the whole street was blocked off with caution/police tape. There were people standing all around, so we started asking around to see what was going on. Of course the stories varied...even the people who were out there when it happened had different accounts. I can see how difficult being a detective could be when even eyewitnesses don't witness the same thing.
What we could gather was that there was a car that had been chased/followed by police and that car had run into 3 or 4 cars along the side of the road, was sitting there idling with a sheet draped across it because the driver had died somehow or another.
The people living near there said they heard the crash or the police loudspeakers and looked out the window to a whole bunch of cops running down the street with guns out. People that were outside were ordered back into their apartments at that time.
Anyway, after chatting with our neighbors for a while, we went home, scoured the news for any information (no news crews were there that we could see), and then went to bed. In the morning I found this article posted about it. What a sad story.
What a crazy neighborhood.


Smart Helm said...

Um... I hope you have a nice alarm system :-) Craziness!

Selena said...

oh my gosh! that's horrible!