Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh, Crap!

Since the hum-drum trip to St. George didn't really seem to inspire comments, here's a post that might:
Yesterday I was changing Joshua's diaper (yes, it's going to be one of those stories) and as soon as I took it off he peed everywhere. He doesn't do that as nearly as often as when he was a newborn, but it still happens occasionally. Since it was 7:15 pm and he had had brief naps all day, I decided it wasn't worth cleaning him up, re-dressing him, just to strip him down for a bath in half an hour. So it was time for an early bath. I would just let him play a bit longer in the tub.
Usually for bath-time, I fill the tub, then I go get Joshua ready for the bath. Yesterday had to be backwards based on circumstances. So I plopped him, stark naked, on the bath mat and his towel while I filled the tub. While I was filling it, I looked down to see the face.
All mothers know the face and some non-mothers can even recognize it. This one was unmistakable. He was grimacing and bright red. Yep, it was happening.
All I could do was gasp, "AH! don't poop! don't poop! don't poop!" I wisked him off his towel just in time but I didn't save the bath mat. I am so glad it's washable. It also sounds a lot worse that it was.
After that whole experience I had to wonder, "Why didn't I just hold him over the toilet literally inches away from me?"
I hope there is never a next-time to learn from my mistakes.


Chelsea said...

Ha ha ha! Nothing like a post titled Oh Crap from someone with an infant. Thanks for sharing! Penny and I were just chomping down on some chocolate for breakfast.

speterson said...

Gotta love that face=)

Jenny said...

I have still yet to get "the face" on camera. Is it rude that I secretly want to document it? Maybe even video?

Sally Lou said...

Jenny, I was really thinking about trying to get it on camera the past few days...maybe I will have to do that now. I just have to find my camera first...I'm sure it's around here somewhere.

Carrie said...

from personal experience, it is tricky but well worth it to document "the face." i didn't do video because i think it might haunt her forever, but i took pictures. absolutely hilarious.