Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dream Weaver

I have the strangest dreams. I have always had the strangest dreams. Pregnancy did not make my dreams any more vivid or strange--I'm not sure that is possible.
Anyway, I've had a few lately that have been really cool and would make great scenes in a movie or a book or something. I have had some like this in the past, too, but I never wrote them down and as time passed they faded a bit. 
Last week I decided to keep a dream journal. I now have a document on my computer that will house all my dreams. Someday I'd like to go through and look at the possibility of turning one or more into books. Isn't that how the Twilight series was started? 
You can like the Twilight series or not, but you can't deny that it was a successful seller. Maybe that's how I'll make my millions and have my 15 minutes of fame. 
I don't want to post my dreams on the internet anywhere in case somebody steals my idea and publishes before I do, but last night had to do with morphing from human to was pretty cool. 


Shelley said...

Haha! Sarah, this makes me happy. I can't wait until you publish your dreams. Then maybe Brittany can interpret them too.

Lydia said...

haha Fun idea and I would definitely read your dream book!! Oh did you get my blog invite??